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How the dementia research field is adapting to COVID-19

It hardly needs to be said that the whole country is going through a very challenging time as we take steps to limit the impact of the coronavirus. Almost every walk of life will have been impacted by the outbreak and our thoughts are with all of those affected.   People with dementia are likely…

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If you had to describe your mum in one word, what would it be?   Mother’s Day is a time to focus on what makes our mums great. That’s why this week, we’ve launched a social media campaign called #MumsTheWord, celebrating mums. And we’d love you to get involved.   We want to celebrate all…

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Become a Treble-maker to make breakthroughs possible

Fancy taking on a new challenge and putting your fitness to the test? Show dementia what you’re made of with The Treble Challenge.   We’re so excited to launch our new triathlon challenge. We’re challenging you to swim, cycle and run distances you’ll be proud of between April 1 and December 31 while raising money for…

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Double amputee Shaun takes on half marathon

This week we want to introduce you to inspirational #TeamARUK member Shaun Whiter.   Shaun had his legs amputated after a hit-and-run crash in 2016. He was injured when he was hit by a car while changing a tyre at the side of the road.   Following extensive rehabilitation, the 31-year-old has learned to run…

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How you can get involved in dementia research

Did you know you can volunteer for dementia research studies even if you don’t have the condition?   Thanks to scientific research we understand more about the brain, and the diseases that affect it, than ever before. But scientists have only been able to make this progress because of the thousands of people who have…

ARUK Explorer parkrun-19-02-20
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Step up to support dementia research

Are you feeling adventurous? Fancy swapping your running shoes for hiking boots and taking on a trek in the great outdoors?   ARUK Explorer is back and this year we’ve got two events to choose from ­– Cambridge and the Peak District.   Last year, our inaugural ARUK Explorer event was a huge success, with…

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How can wearables revolutionise the detection of dementia?

Do you use a smart watch or fitness tracker to record your runs? There’s been a huge boom in the market for these devices and they have become a key piece of kit for so many runners.   But do you know that the big advances in technology behind them could lead to a revolution…

ARUK parkun 05-02-20 Vicki Fleming
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Mum inspired me to run, now I’m running for her

Vicki Fleming first got into running after being inspired by her mum’s passion for the sport. Now she’s taking on the Virgin Money London Marathon in honour of her mum who has a rare form of dementia.   Vicki’s mum Jo was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2012 aged 58 after having problems with…

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Delivering the ‘Dementia Moonshot’

Finding a cure for dementia has often been likened to putting a man on the moon. As with NASA’s Apollo program in the 1960s, dementia research has an achievable goal, but we need a huge, combined effort to get there.   As part of their election manifesto, the Conservative party pledged to launch a ‘Dementia…

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Graham runs 5k every day for Alzheimer’s Research UK

A parkrun every Saturday is great, but how about running 5k every day?   That’s a challenge Princes parkrunner Graham Holland took on last year to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK in honour of his mum who has dementia.   In the end he managed to run 5k or further every day in 2019…

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