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Did you know… Staying hydrated can help with migraines?

Many of us will have experienced a pounding headache. The type of headache which causes nausea, and can leave you feeling drained and exhausted, for days on end.   This is a migraine and around one in seven people in the UK suffer from them.* They can vary in seriousness, from a really bad headache,…

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Signs of dehydration

Did you know that bad breath can be a sign of dehydration? Not too pleasant! With warmer weather sweeping the UK, it’s never been more important to keep healthy and hydrated.   Here, our friends at Aqua Optima share three unusual signs you may need to reach for some filtered water:   1. Bad breath…

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Five places to remember to stay hydrated this summer

As the lockdown starts to ease and non-essential shops and attractions start to open, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re drinking plenty of water when out and about. That’s why our friends at Aqua Optima have put together a list of the top five family favourite places you may begin to visit and…

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Top tips to encourage children to drink water

With summer just around the corner and temperatures soaring, it’s more important than ever to make sure children are keeping hydrated.   It can be challenging encouraging children to drink enough water, and that’s why our friends at Aqua Optima have put together some top tips on how to make sure little ones stay hydrated…

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Five ways to ensure you’re staying hydrated

As the nation settles into life under new lockdown rules, and exercise guidelines are relaxed, staying active has never been more important. From running 5k to tuning in to virtual fitness classes, now is the time to stay active and healthy.   However, it’s important that we stay hydrated whilst exercising to avoid dehydration. Staying…

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Five ways to ensure hydration is part of your new routine

People across the country are slowly trying to adjust to the ‘new normal’ of working and exercising from home.   For many, this means our dining table has become our new desk, our families have become our new colleagues, and new drinking and snacking habits, as well as new workout routines, are being established.  …

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Five Reasons to Stay Hydrated

A new year brings fresh optimism and new goals for being our best selves, whether that includes taking up a new hobby, travelling, exercise or even just drinking water.   Our friends at Aqua Optima know the importance of maintaining a healthy level of hydration to help achieves these goals. Making sure you keep your…

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Five Simple New Year’s Resolutions to Keep in 2020

The beginning of a New Year brings with it promises to make this year better than the last. Many people set themselves up for failure by trying to take up too many new things or altering their lifestyles in extreme ways, when in fact; small changes can make the biggest difference to your 2020.  …

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Keep active over Christmas with Aqua Optima’s Essential Guide

December can be a busy month, but Aqua Optima have come up with an essential guide to maintain a healthy lifestyle over the festive period.   Keep attending your local parkrun In America they have the ‘Turkey Trot’ on Thanksgiving, so why not make parkrun your new Christmas tradition? With recent studies indicating that any amount of…

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Aqua Optima’s Essential Guide to Keep You Healthy This Winter

We haven’t found a cure for the common cold yet unfortunately, but there are ways we can change our lifestyle to help fight off an oncoming cold or help speed up your recovery. No one wants to miss out on the fun of our weekly parkrun, so at Aqua Optima we’ve to come up with…

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