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My barcode to adventure

Tamara Smith discovered parkrun in 2019, introduced by an enthusiastic friend and work colleague (read Tamara’s build up to first trying parkrun here.) Since then Tamara’s parkrun barcode has taken her on many adventures across the country and beyond!    My introduction into the wonderful world that is parkrun was an easy one. I was…

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Memories with Mum

Kettering parkrunner Rebecca Murphy parkruns with three generations of her family, including her Mum who she looking forward to making more treasured parkrun memories together.   I had just started a couch to 5k programme, when someone suggested parkrun.   I thought maybe I shouldn’t go until I could run 5k non stop, but my…

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It’s not about the run at all

David Croxson hated any form of exercise, with memories of being picked last at school firmly in his mind.   But after embarking on a couch to 5k programme, he soon found parkrun, and with it a place where he was welcomed and encouraged, and exercise didn’t feel like exercise.   At school I dreaded…

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Absolutely determined

Was it a bird? Was it a plane? No. It was six very special guests completing their first 5k after life changing spinal injuries.   Event Director Jo tells us about the incredible morning at Hull parkrun.   As we gathered at the start, in East Park, Hull, there was something in the air. Something…

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Enthusiasm, energy and friendliness

Susan Mackenzie started a couch to 5k programme at aged 69. Having survived breast cancer, Susan wanted to make sure she stayed physically active, but in a friendly and sociable way.   Here’s her story of why parkrun is the perfect fit.   I first heard about parkrun during lockdown, when it wasn’t actually allowed…

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We’d never have dreamt it

Encouraged by his son Peter, and after embarking on a couch to 5k programme during lockdown, John Gillibrand took part in his first parkrun as events returned across Wales on Saturday 21 August.   Peter tells us the heartwarming story of why he’s so proud of his ‘Super Dad’.   parkrun, I want to thank…

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I thought I would give up

Gillian Roden was convinced by friends to sign up for a couch to 5k programme.   After graduating the programme at Waterworks parkrun, she fell in love with the parkrun community and now thinks it’s the best way to start any weekend.   I signed up for Jog Belfast at the Girls Model School in…

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In it together

Denise Rainey went along to parkrun to keep her Dad company. Starting off as a walker, she’s now gone on to complete numerous 10ks. This is her journey.   In September 2016 my Dad Denis decided he was going to join parkrun and participate in the pilot of parkwalk, so I thought I would keep…

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Not a typical runner

Martina Rafferty walked her first parkrun, and swore she would never run. A couch to 5k programme later, and with some encouragement from her parkrun family, she’s now got back the confidence she didn’t even realise she had lost.   On 9 May 2014 I “did” my first ever parkrun. I say did instead of…

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The best thing I’ve ever done

Siobhan Sweeney only ever wanted to be able to walk at a fast pace. With some gentle persuasion not only did she go on to run, she’s even completed four half marathons. This is her story.   I attended my first couch to 5k in February 2016, the Nolan family set up a running club in…

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