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Nicola Churchill 3
Read more › News - 22nd March 2021

Girls together!

Nicola Churchill couldn’t run to the front door. Along with two friends, she decided International Women’s Day would be the ideal time to give parkrun a try out.   I had always thought parkrun sounded like a great thing to be part of, but as I couldn’t run to the front door, I never ever…

Read more › News - 10th March 2021

Empower yourself

As a school girl, Caroline Grant took an additional GCSE just to get out of games lessons! Now, she is passionate about her running and the joys of exercising outside.   I’d looked at parkrun for years but had never done anything about it. Then, having relocated back to the North East, I thought I’d…

Penelope Harrall 5
Read more › News - 10th March 2021

Community spirit

Penelope Harrall’s first parkrun was on International Women’s Day in March 2020. Now she is helping to motivate and support other women on their running journeys.   I started the Couch to 5K programme on 1st January 2020 after a while of not doing anything and my fitness levels had really dropped. In addition to…

Read more › News - 10th March 2021

Breaking down barriers

This time last year, to mark International Women’s Day 2020, parkrun countries came together in a global celebration of female participation.   Here, we look back on that special day, the legacy it left behind, and parkrun’s ongoing commitment to breaking down barriers to participation for women and girls.   On the 8 March 2020,…

Julie Nowlin
Read more › News - 8th March 2021

All about having fun

Julie Nowlin completed her first parkrun on International Women’s Day 2020. She has not stopped running since!   I started running again in February 2020, after a 4 year break.  I joined a running club in South Shields called Run Eat Sleep.  The group were fantastic and told me about Saturday mornings at parkrun and…

Heather Cornes 2
Read more › News - 8th March 2021

You have so much to gain!

Recommended to make some lifestyle changes through diet and exercise, Heather Cornes completed her first parkrun in March 2020 on International Women’s Day. Undeterred by lockdown, she has continued to exercise and is reaping the many benefits.   I can honestly say other than club swimming over 40 years ago, I’ve not really had any…

Helen Bates 1
Read more › News - 2nd March 2021

Proud of my achievement

Helen Bates completed her first parkrun on International Women’s Day in March 2020, which marked quite a moment in her recovery from the stroke she suffered in 2018.   I heard about parkrun through my Dad. He retired in 2019 and after a 40 year break, he decided to start running again. He completed his…

Rebecca Parker 9
Read more › News - 2nd March 2021

You won, Mummy!

After giving running a ‘proper try’ at parkrun, Rebecca Coulson-Parker now considers running an essential part of her busy life.   I heard about parkrun from colleagues and friends who were already parkrunners. I had been considering giving running a ‘proper try’ for a while, but was worried I’d embarrass myself if I turned up…

Helen MY 9
Read more › News - 2nd March 2021

The gift of running

Helen Morgan only got to try parkrun once before we went into lockdown in 2020, but it was enough to spark her new found love of running which she shares with her dog Cookie.   I first heard about parkrun from my friend Carol Dean. She was already parkrunning in Kettering and encouraged me to…

Read more › News - 11th March 2020

A huge International Women’s Day parkrun celebration!

In a celebration of female participation to mark International Women’s Day, #IWDparkrun welcomed an astonishing 15,000 additional women and girls at parkruns all around the world.   On Saturday 7 March 2020, we were delighted to see almost 151,000 women and girls walking, jogging or running at parkrun globally.   Our social feeds lit up…

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