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We celebrate everyone at junior parkrun

Clare Oxlaide writes how being an event director for Burgess junior parkrun has changed her Sundays forever and brought together her diverse community in South London.   I first got involved in parkrun back in 2016. I had just started running and a whole bunch of friends said I should come along to this thing…

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Loving junior parkrun’s friendly atmosphere

Craig tells us how junior parkruns have allowed his daughter, Kara, to independently do her own thing, and how much she loves warm ups!   My daughter, Kara, is homing in on her half marathon wristband at our local junior parkrun. She is nine now, has Down’s Syndrome and has been loving junior parkrun ever since we…

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A new perspective on junior parkrun

Lucy Marris began volunteering at junior parkrun to help her local event and quickly learnt how important and enjoyable they are for children.   But she discovered a different perspective towards parkrun after her community rallied around her during a serious illness that rendered her immobile for weeks. Lucy shares her thoughts on junior parkrun and the positive…

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Celebrating 13 years of junior parkrun

With today seeing the 13th anniversary of the birth of our junior events, we take a trip down memory lane to share the history of junior parkrun with you.   You don’t need to look any further than the parkrun blog to read testimonies from parkrunners who swore they would “never run again,” after having bad experiences…

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Completely new to junior parkrun?

If you’re nervous about joining your local junior parkrun, here are some helpful tips for new starters.   Find a junior parkrun near you. It’s easy to locate your nearest junior parkrun: visit our events page, and then click the light blue juniors symbol. Or perhaps a friend or neighbour has recommended a particular event.    …

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India’s 25th parkrun celebration

To celebrate reaching her 25th parkrun, Donna’s four-year-old daughter India wrote the run report for her event.   My four-year-old daughter India has fully embraced every aspect of parkrun – the fun, the friendships, the volunteering and participating.   Inspired by her older siblings, seven-year-old Seth and nine-year-old Effie, she has now completed her 25th parkrun.   To celebrate…

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Back to school: back to junior parkrun!

Summer holidays have come to an end, and schools are starting back across the UK and Ireland.   Are you a parent or a school teacher looking for a brilliant way for your children to be active and to pick up life skills in a safe environment? Something that’s open to everyone and stacks of…

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A family affair

All around the world children and young people take part in parkrun events with their families. The UK, Ireland and Australia even have a junior parkrun series, which is 2k on a Sunday.   The first junior parkrun took place 12 years ago this month. What better time to take a closer look at families…

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Growing up with parkrun

Did you know children can volunteer at parkrun too? More than 85,000 of those aged 4-14 already have!   Every week we welcome tens of thousands of children to parkrun events all over the world as walkers, joggers, runners and volunteers, at both 5k parkruns and the 2k junior series.     Over the past…

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A joyous return for juniors

On Sunday 11 April, after almost 13 months of closure, we were delighted to welcome back 48 of our junior parkrun events across England.   Spanning England, from Durham down to Wincester, there were more than 4,000 4-10 year-olds through the finish funnel, with over 1,000 taking part for the very first time.     The…

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