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Multiple Sclerosis takeover at parkrun

The first parkrun ‘takeover’ organised by parkrun’s Outreach Ambassadors for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Mark Taylor and Katherine Goulder, and with help from the MS Trust.    Here Mark tells us how this celebration of all things parkrun unfolded on Saturday 8 December at Letchworth parkrun…   It’s often said about parkrun that it’s a run…

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parkrunning with Multiple Sclerosis

I remember looking through a running magazine just after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2005. I cried when I saw an MS Society advert – I felt that in a moment I’d gone from being a runner to someone who people ran for.   I used to love running. I had run…

Gabi Boland Nordic Walking
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A toast to the tail runners

I have Multiple Sclerosis* and I walk with a stick. I discovered Nordic Walking a few years ago. The support of two poles enables me to stride confidently, which is a joy. With a walking stick I’m aware that I don’t stand as straight as I should and my gait is a little uneven. Nordic…

Gareth Irvine
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Feedback From The Field

After being featured in the parkrun newsletter two weeks ago, Mark Hemington broke 40 minutes at our pacing event with the help of the 40 minute pacer who is also his wife Caroline. Emotional stuff from both sides and why I #loveparkrun. Been a pleasure for the Hillsborough parkrun team seeing Mark get stronger in…

Mark Hemington
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It’s all about you

My introduction to parkrun was perhaps a little different from most. On her way to Hillsborough parkrun every Saturday, my wife Caroline would drop me off a little way from the finish. My aim was simply to walk from there to the finish line before she finished her parkrun, and each week I would get…