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parkrun/NHS celebration day proves to be a hit

More than 146,000 people got involved in parkrun events around the UK on Saturday 9 June as parkrun and the NHS joined forces to celebrate 70 years of the health service.   135,318 walkers and runners completed a parkrun, 8,942 of those were completing their first-ever parkrun, thanks to the support of 11,188 volunteers.  …

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A high five for a hero

This is our little boy Louis, who has Down’s Syndrome, volunteering at Peterborough parkrun and giving one of the runners a ‘high five’. For us however, the photo has great poignancy as the woman is not just any runner – her name is Dr Yong and several years ago she saved Louis’ life.   Louis…

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Queen Elizabeth Hospital takeover at King’s Lynn parkrun

My name is Sarah Byatt and I am the Executive Assistant to the Medical Director at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn. I have worked at the Trust for almost 11 years.   I took part in my first parkrun in March 2013 after reading about it in the local press and hearing people… (6)
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Why we need the NHS now more than ever

Ahead of the parkrun NHS70 day on Saturday, we want to join you in saying a huge thank you to the service’s extraordinary staff.   So many doctors and nurses are doing amazing work diagnosing and looking after people with dementia.   Dementia is one of the biggest healthcare challenges in the UK and across…

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Physical activity – the best buy in public health

“Walking is the best medicine” Hippocrates, 470 BC   Adults are more than 20% less active since the 1960s, by 2030 it is predicted we will be 35% less active. This is a shocking statistic.   In my role as a practice nurse, I have been recommending a treatment that has had fantastic health outcomes…

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Thank you parkrun, thank you NHS!

What fantastic British institutions: parkrun (or is that parkfun?) and the National Health Service (NHS). So how fitting that parkrun has teamed up with the NHS to celebrate 70 years of the health service?   parkrun has certainly helped with my return to fitness and without our fantastic NHS and dedicated staff, I may not be…

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85,000 to join special parkrun to celebrate NHS’s 70th birthday

More than 85,000 people are expected to take part in a special parkrun UK event on Saturday 9 June 2018 to celebrate the NHS’s 70th birthday.   Backed by double Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes, parkrun for the NHS is the first event of its type.   Staff from all parts of the NHS,…

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Brain haemorrhage to parkrun, thanks to the NHS

The survival statistics after suffering a subarachnoid brain haemorrhage are not good. Many die on the spot when they happen, many are crippled for life, and an exceptionally lucky few recover. Simon Shrouder is one of the lucky few.   In the week that parkruns across the country prepare to celebrate the 70th birthday of the NHS,…

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Dame Kelly Holmes backs parkrun for the NHS’s 70 birthday on 9 June to get the nation active

Double Olympic gold medallist and former nursing assistant Dame Kelly Holmes is urging the nation to get active in the year the NHS turns 70. ‘parkrun for the NHS‘ aims to encourage new participants, including NHS staff and volunteers, to come along to their local parkrun – to recognise the contribution of the NHS to the health…