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No signs of stopping

Andrew loves a good walk in the countryside, but (not)parkrun has inspired him to run like never before.   He’s battled the wind and rain, and has now clocked up over 100 (not)parkruns.   Whether it’s the lockdowns and tiers, I don’t know, but (not)parkrun has inspired me to run like never before.   I…

Ian Thomas 2
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Poised at #99

Ian Thomas has not let lockdown slow him down! In fact he has sped up!   Ian is now itching to test himself on the Southend course and log that 100th parkrun.   I first went along to Southend parkrun in August 2017 introduced by my son, Rich who is a keen runner.   In…

Pam Bennett 10
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Celebrating 70 with a hilly 5k!

Pam Bennett took up parkrunning in 2019 aged 68yrs and hasn’t let lockdown get in the way of her regular, hilly 5k or the goal for her 70th birthday.    I first heard about parkrun when I got a flyer through the letter box about the start of the Marshall Drive parkrun and wondered if…

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Join us for (not)parkrun

Join us for (not)parkrun. Walk, jog or run, get active and have fun!   Go it alone, invite your family, inspire your friends and encourage your neighbours. Everyone is welcome at (not)parkrun.   (not)parkrun is an alternative way for people to participate in a 5k walk, jog or run, in the absence of the usual…

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Care for yourselves and for each other

Woodhouse Moor parkrunner Pritti Mehta is Head of Programmes, Transformation and Delivery, in the People Directorate at NHS England.    Here she tells us why parkrun is so important for her own health and happiness, and how it could make a difference to yours.   We each have a vital role to play in our…

Gordon Taylor 2
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Thanks for the inspiration!

Having been a keen runner and training for his first marathon, Gordon Taylor was struck with several years of illness. Now, (not)parkrun has given him the motivation to start rebuilding his fitness.   I started running in 2011. On my first run I could literally only manage 100 metres, but I persevered and each day…

Niki Cairney 3
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(not)parkrun motivation

(not)parkrunning has been Niki Cairney’s introduction to parkrun. She now can’t wait to experience an actual event!   I have wanted to participate in a parkrun for a while but my first running journey ended with an injury before I got the chance.   After having a suspected case of Covid-19 during lockdown and being…

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Fitter than ever

Patula Naylor started parkrunning aged 60 and after a recent health scare has relished being able to get out and run again.   I first came across parkrun because l saw the event taking place in the park opposite our house. I don’t know why l decided to go along for the first time, but…

Pat Brimble 3
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Raring to go

Great friends Pat Brimble and Sue Chambers, have found a genius way to do their (not)parkrun together but remain apart. Here Pat explains their special strategy.   I first heard about parkrun through my sister Linda who was already doing Newport parkrun where I lived at that time. Although I lived close to the Newport…

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Not missing out

Colin Gunney has has not missed out on his parkrun fix at all over lockdown, his local parkrun volunteer team made sure of it. Here he tells us how.   I began my parkrun career back in February 2014, when friends mentioned it to me. I became a regular at Lydiard parkrun in Swindon after…

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