With a purple background, '18' is in big bold pink writing in the center of the image.
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18 years of parkrun

To celebrate our 18th birthday, we’re taking a look back through the first 18 years of parkrunning!    The beginning   On Saturday 2 October 2004, 13 runners and five volunteers turned up to Bushy Park in Teddington, London, for a free, timed, 5k run, known then as the Bushy Park Time Trial.   Paul…

A close up image of the back of a man's parkwalker volunteer vest. It is blue and reads 'parkwalker'.
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parkwalker role explained

As part of the parkwalk campaign this October, we are introducing a brand new volunteer role – the parkwalker!   It has been created to demonstrate that walking at parkrun is both encouraged and valued.   Why “parkwalker”?   Inclusivity and participation, rather than speed, has been a key principle of parkrun since day one….

Two parkrunners are walking in a park on a path. One woman has her hands in the air and is smiling.
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Introducing: parkwalk at parkrun!

This October marks 18 years since parkrun’s founder, Paul Sinton-Hewitt, shouted “Go!” at the very first parkrun event. We’d like to make this 18th anniversary one to remember by dedicating the whole month of October to something extra special…   parkwalk at parkrun!   Paul’s vision was that parkrun would be open to everyone, no…

A woman is walking in a park with her hands in the air and smiling.
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parkwalk campaign: your questions answered

What is the parkwalk campaign in a nutshell?   This is a global campaign to celebrate and promote walking at parkrun, to coincide with parkrun’s 18th anniversary (the first event took place in Bushy Park, London in October 2004).   It’s called parkrun, not parkwalk! Why are you focusing on walkers?    The name ‘parkrun’…

Next to the Woking parkrun pop up banner, Arun is stood with his arm around a woman and both of them are smiling. Arun is wearing a pink hi vis, along with a leg brace on both of his legs.
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Making the most of every opportunity

After Arun was in a serious car accident, he wasn’t sure if he’d ever be able to walk again. Two months after the accident, he set himself the challenge of walking parkrun. Here’s how he got on!   I was a regular parkrunner and always enjoyed the camaraderie, challenge, and support with other participants.  …

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