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A big party

Celine Dandeh-Njie worried she wouldn’t even be able to find the start at her first parkrun. Now she feels like Saturday mornings are just one big party.   Here she tells us what parkrun means to her.   I first heard about parkrun from a work colleague, the same colleague who encouraged me to start…

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parkrun is for you

Lisa Yip didn’t consider herself to be a runner so thought parkrun wasn’t for her.   It just took a good friend to put her straight on a few parkrun facts, and she’s never looked back.   I first heard about parkrun through a good friend who regularly attends Northala Fields parkrun. I remember telling…

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The perfect balance

Laura Leung loves how parkrun is not just about running.   Here, Laura explains how parkrun is the perfect balance of staying active and socialising.    I went along to the first ever Northala Fields parkrun with my husband. He was there to support members of his run club who were setting up this new…

Read more › News - 31st March 2020

A godsend for everyone

A year on from open heart surgery, former international athlete Clare Wyngard explains how the inclusive nature of parkrun has played a vital role in her recovery.   In the spring of 2018 I was an experienced international age group triathlete and duathlete.  Running was my strongest discipline and I had won individual British Masters titles…

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I love Saturday

For Sally Smith parkrun is about friends, family and joy.   From nervous and anxious to Saturday morning elation, this is her parkrun journey.   I joined a new local gym, who offered beginners running courses and fitness classes.   The finale of the beginners running course was to run a parkrun. So I did….

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A huge International Women’s Day parkrun celebration!

In a celebration of female participation to mark International Women’s Day, #IWDparkrun welcomed an astonishing 15,000 additional women and girls at parkruns all around the world.   On Saturday 7 March 2020, we were delighted to see almost 151,000 women and girls walking, jogging or running at parkrun globally.   Our social feeds lit up…

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Read more › News - 10th March 2020

Believing in myself again

Theresa Wraith parkruns as a way to manage her health and happiness following a second brain tumour diagnosis in 2016.    Now, Saturday mornings have become a time for the whole family to get together. Here’s her story.   I was initially diagnosed with a second brain tumour in 2016. After the surgery, I felt…

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The finish line joy

Caroline Plummer first went along to parkrun in 2015. She loved the community element and supporting her husband whilst volunteering.   But it took more than three years for her to overcome her fears and complete the course for the first time. Caroline tells us her story, and her advice to others feeling like parkrun is…

Read more › News - 26th February 2020

Together as a family

Kate Henshall never saw herself as a runner and always thought it was something other people did.   Now a regular parkrunner, she tells us why she feels so differently and how parkrun has fitted into the rhythm of her week.    My niece had started running a few years before me, and suggested it…

Read more › News - 25th February 2020

A woman can achieve when she believes

Sharada Sakremath completed Telford parkrun in saree, the traditional Indian attire. Here she thanks the parkrun community for increasing her faith in diversity.   I did my first parkrun in December 2019. I had registered some months before, on the insistence of a colleague, but it took me a while to gain the confidence to…

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