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What would Batman do?

Hi, I’m Tom Fairbrother and I am the Communications Executive for parkrun Global, looking after parkrun social media and working closely with all 14 parkrun countries worldwide.   But I also want to be like Batman.   No, I don’t mean I want to fight crime on the streets of Gotham. I mean the Batman who comes…

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Living, not merely existing

To mark Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2017, parkrun Marketing Executive Tom Fairbrother (on the left) shares his personal story with us, explaining how running has impacted his life and the role parkrun has in changing perceptions.   You may not know this, but eating disorders claim more lives than any other mental illness – one in…

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A home from home

Hi, I’m Tom Fairbrother and I’m the Communications Executive for parkrun global, working with the 17 parkrun countries around the world whilst overseeing parkrun social media accounts!   Last time I spoke to you, I told you how I had discovered the joys of volunteering at junior parkrun. I have been converted from reluctant volunteer to Volunteer…

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The reluctant volunteer

Hello! My name is Tom Fairbrother and I am the newest and youngest member (just!) of the parkrun HQ team.    I started running back in 2011 after my football team disbanded, and I ran my first race in 2012. Ever since it has been a full on love affair! The highs of running have been memories I…