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From Cape Town to Poznań

When Michał George started parkrunning at his local event in South Africa, he discovered five reasons that kept him returning every Saturday morning.   We speak to Michał about why he loves parkrun and his experience of going to an event in his home country, Poland.   I heard about parkrun through my younger brother…

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Top five tips for parkrun in the sun

Summer is officially here! With high temperatures ahead of us, we’ve put together our five top tips to help you parkrun in the sun.   1. Dress for the weather   As temperatures begin to rise, you need to make sure you don’t overheat whilst walking, jogging, running or volunteering.   It’s best to wear light,…

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Five ways to feel more comfortable (and confident) getting active during your period

Guest article by Vitality*   Why is it that some days getting active can seem super easy and leave you energised – while on other days the same workout feels like moving through treacle and at the end you feel exhausted?   There are many factors at play, but one that women often fail to…

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Five tips for your first volunteering at parkrun

Are you thinking about volunteering for the first time at parkrun but are not sure what to expect? Read our top five tips for volunteering to see why we love it so much!   1) Take someone with you   From our volunteering research, we know that some people who are volunteering for the first time are…

People wearing Red January t-shirts all running at event
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Top five ways moving more in the winter can boost mental wellbeing

Research shows that inactivity increases in the winter, and that this can often be linked to lower mood and energy levels. That’s why we’re excited to be teaming up with RED January, a nationwide public health movement that’s motivating us all to move every day in January, to support our mental wellbeing.    RED January…

Dr Hussain posing for a selfie with five other parkrunners at event
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Top five ways walking helps your mental health with Dr Hussain

Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi is a GP, a TV doctor, RCGP Lifestyle and Physical Activity Clinical Champion and a triathlete!   He shares his top five ways walking helps your mental health.   There are about 500 ways in which walking is good for your mental health, so this will be difficult, but here are my top five. These…