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Proud to be part of the parkrun volunteer family!

Hi, I’m Heidi and I am the Event Director at Rossmere junior parkrun in Hartlepool and a volunteer Outreach Ambassador for parkrun… “what’s an Outreach Ambassador?” I hear you ask!   You are likely to be familiar with many of the volunteer roles which are filled week in week out on the roster of junior…

Simon KY
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Time is the most precious gift

Since being diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety two years ago, I have made a commitment to do something every day that gets me out of my home. Weekdays aren’t a problem as I can have multiple things to do most days; it’s the weekends that I struggle with.   If it wasn’t for junior…

Emma Sperring
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The confidence to achieve so much

Last Saturday I celebrated a milestone at Swindon parkrun; my 300th occasion as Run Director. Standing in the spring sunshine with 421 parkrunners listening to my 300th pre-run briefing, I reflected upon how much had changed since our very first parkrun at the beautiful Lydiard Park in March 2010.   Where do I begin?! To start with, it…

Carl Finsbury Park
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Marshal arts

When I was in my teens, and loping along the pavements of Loughton on my way into the leafy embrace of Epping Forest, a runner in the streets was a pretty rare sight. I came out of my front door braced to receive a pelting of Essex wit, invariably expressed as the (best-ignored) advice “Get…

Tommy Hill
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Opening the door

Shortly before I moved to Birmingham in 2013, the Equality Network in Scotland published a report called ‘Out for Sport’. The research focused on the negative impact that homophobia and transphobia has on the number of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender people (LGBT) taking part in sport.   The findings made sobering reading. 57% of…

Aldenham parkrun volunteers
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Volunteering survey – calling all parkrunners!

We are a team of researchers based at Kingston University and St. George’s University of London carrying out research into volunteering at parkrun. We’re looking for parkrunners, whether you’ve volunteered or not, to take part in a short survey. It should take around five minutes.   Taking part is simple. Whether you’ve volunteered or not,…

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Many minor miracles

This week’s junior newsletter comes to you from Paul Sinton-Hewitt CBE, the Founder of parkrun 12 years ago, who explains the power of junior parkrun as Christmas approaches.   Christmas, Moormead and junior parkrun. What do these things all have in common? How about fun, excitement, friends, food, volunteering, children, presents, exercise, cheers and smiles, mums…

George Webster volunteering
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Just ask George

I want to tell you about my son George.   George is 16 and is without doubt one of the most popular people I know. Walking onto Woodhouse Moor in Leeds for parkrun each Saturday is an experience punctuated by people saying “Hello George”, high-fiving him or giving him a wave. He knows almost everyone’s…

Janet and David Acott wide image
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Through dark times

“I don’t think I have the words to express the sense of loss, the constant ache and the emptiness.  Adjustments to life have to be made and a way to continue has to be found. This is where Sheringham parkrun did something that sealed my connection to parkrun forever . . . “   Janet…

parkrun pioneers
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Travelling from A to B

How much do you remember about your first morning at parkrun?   My memory is that it was fairly unremarkable if I’m honest, or at least it seemed so at the time. It was a dry, mild day in October and I hadn’t been running for all that long. I’d never done a timed 5k,…

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