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The inmates behind the world’s first prison parkrun

Every journey starts with a single step…   Hi, I am the gym manager working in HMP Haverigg up in Cumbria. I would like to enquire about getting a parkrun event set up inside our prison so that our prisoners can have the opportunity to get involved in this initiative. Hopefully they will then want…

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The joy of volunteering

In our 2016 annual ‘Run Report’ we featured a number of parkrunners who highlighted the benefits of volunteering, and we looked at the financial value that volunteers contributed in terms of the number of hours they gave to parkrun that year. Since then we have significantly developed our understanding of what volunteering is about, as…

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Much more than a shirt with a number

Back in June 2014, my cousin Andrea and I decided to try out this parkrun thing people kept telling us about… and it turns out it totally changed the past couple of years for us!   I generally didn’t miss running a parkrun unless I was volunteering or sunning myself, Andrea occasionally missing after a…

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Run, walk and volunteer – on the same day!

My name is Kay and I am 12. I have been a Woking parkrunner for three years and I try to volunteer a few times each year. At any parkrun it is super easy to volunteer, there are even lots of roles you can do and still run. I was talking with my mum and we were…

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Not only for walkers and runners

More than 22,000 people who have volunteered at parkrun have never passed through the finish funnel, which represents eight percent of volunteers. As well as making a significant contribution to their local community, the impact of volunteering on the health, wellbeing and life prospects of individuals can be profound.   Over in South Africa, regular volunteer…

Eve Muirhead in Falkirk UK Sportphotographs by Alan Peebles
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Your personal cheerleader

Eve Muirhead competes for Great Britain in the Winter Olympic sport of curling. She became the only athlete in curling history to win the World Junior Championships four times, before going on to win gold at the 2013 World Championships and a bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics. She will be representing Great Britain…

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Proud to be part of the parkrun volunteer family!

Hi, I’m Heidi and I am the Event Director at Rossmere junior parkrun in Hartlepool and a volunteer Outreach Ambassador for parkrun… “what’s an Outreach Ambassador?” I hear you ask!   You are likely to be familiar with many of the volunteer roles which are filled week in week out on the roster of junior…

Simon KY
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Time is the most precious gift

Since being diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety two years ago, I have made a commitment to do something every day that gets me out of my home. Weekdays aren’t a problem as I can have multiple things to do most days; it’s the weekends that I struggle with.   If it wasn’t for junior…

Emma Sperring
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The confidence to achieve so much

Last Saturday I celebrated a milestone at Swindon parkrun; my 300th occasion as Run Director. Standing in the spring sunshine with 421 parkrunners listening to my 300th pre-run briefing, I reflected upon how much had changed since our very first parkrun at the beautiful Lydiard Park in March 2010.   Where do I begin?! To start with, it…

Carl Finsbury Park
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Marshal arts

When I was in my teens, and loping along the pavements of Loughton on my way into the leafy embrace of Epping Forest, a runner in the streets was a pretty rare sight. I came out of my front door braced to receive a pelting of Essex wit, invariably expressed as the (best-ignored) advice “Get…

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