kirsty jump
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Waking up my legs

Last time you heard from me I was in a wheelchair suffering from Lyme disease. I had carers three times a day, lived downstairs in my house and couldn’t think clearly. To give myself a purpose I’d trained to be a Run Director at Wakefield Thornes parkrun, and two years on from the day my…

Kirsty Shepherd RD
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The day my legs went to sleep

34-year-old Kirsty Shepherd has always lived life to the full. She travelled the world, worked as an intensive care nurse and volunteered for HMET Leeds Coroners to support bereaved families.   Then, in the blink of an eye, her world was turned completely upside down.   Eight months later Kirsty made her debut as Run…

Jonathan (right) with Rostislav Dušek from Czech Republic and Yerko Campillay from Chile
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Making new friends

In April 2014 I came back to live in Leeds after 24 years away, primarily to support my mum through a period of serious illness. It’s often hard to make friends and connections when you arrive in a new place. But you have to start somewhere, and going to places where other people are is…