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Read more › News - 5th January 2023

Nine ways to start with parkrun

It’s a new year. Grab your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours and start with parkrun.   Insight shows us that one of the most powerful tools for encouraging people along to a parkrun is word of mouth. So, this new year, why not help a friend get started on their parkrun journey.   Here are…

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Walking my best walk

Beverley McArdle is walking her best walk. Here she tells us why it really doesn’t matter where you are in the pack at parkrun.    I’ve been parkrunning regularly for the past five years, never fast but I get there. However, last summer I broke my ankle badly.   In December, I was finally able to return…

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Read more › News - 15th March 2022

For people like me

Torie Tennant is visually imparied. Her preconceptions of parkrun being only for ‘real runners’ was quickly put aside as soon as she contacted her local event team.   In 2014, I wanted to do something for charity and saw that there was an eight mile walk option as part of the Belfast marathon.   Even…

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Why we love walkers

Did you know South Africa is the parkrun country with the most walkers? At parkrun no-one needs to worry about being the last in the finish funnel, about being too slow, or feeling isolated and alone. At every parkrun event, anywhere in the world, it is the volunteer Tail Walker who is always the last…

Read more › News - 8th September 2021

Celebrating being active with the European Week of Sport

Every year from 23-30 September the European Week of Sport promotes more active, healthier lifestyles to millions of people in Europe and beyond.    With parkrun now operating across much of Europe, and the European Week of Sport’s tagline ‘be active’, we take a look at how parkrun celebrates healthier and happier lifestyles.   parkrun…

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Read more › News - 27th January 2021

Encouraging others

Liz likes nothing better than encouraging others at parkrun. During lockdown she has been out walking with her friend Sue, helping her to walk the 5k parkrun route and with the aim of recruiting another potential parkrunner!    I first came across parkrun in 2005 through the running club I was a member of. We…

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Read more › News - 13th January 2021

Taking small steps forward

It’s week two of The parkrun Resolution and it’s all about taking small steps forward. We’re here for you. Read on for this week’s top tips and don’t forget to celebrate what you’ve done so far.   Often the hardest thing to do is start: to start something new, make a change, do something differently….

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Make your parkrun resolution!

 It’s time to make your parkrun resolution. parkrun’s Global Head of Health and Wellbeing Chrissie Wellington tells you everything you need to know about our special new year campaign.   Firstly, Happy New Year from everyone at parkrun!   We hope you had a restful festive period, and you have welcomed 2021 with open arms,…

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Read more › News - 5th January 2021

parkwalk is here

Ready to strive for five? Here’s your eight week guide to successfully completing a 5k walk.   You can walk at the same pace throughout or, if you want, you can alter the pace that you walk as indicated below. Remember that any plan is only a guide, so please do go at your own…

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Read more › News - 30th June 2020

Everyone is equal

The parkrun Health and Wellbeing team track the prevalence of walking very closely. We are committed to minimising barriers to participation, and encouraging as many people as possible to take part in parkrun however they wish.   A recent analysis of UK events has shone a spotlight on one parkrun, where the the data shows…

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