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Words of wisdom from the WithU coaches

We asked our coaches what the best piece of advice they ever got was. This is what they had to say…  Guest article written by WithU.   Starting out on your fitness journey can be pretty daunting, and sifting through all the information out there can feel like an insurmountable task. Instead of adding to…

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Maintain your momentum with a challenge

Use WithU to reignite your goals… Guest article written by WithU.   Now that we’re into February, the motivation and excitement you felt towards your goals at the start of January might be starting to fade. We’re here to help you reignite that flame!    The parkrunner Picks challenge   We’re running a FREE two…

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Stretch your way to better running

Why you should always make time for stretching… Guest article written by WithU   We’ve all skipped a warm up or cool down stretch from time to time, thinking we haven’t got the time and wondering how much of an impact it could really have. But as tempting as it can be to skip this step, we’re here…

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Put your best foot forward this January

Preparing for your very first parkrun? We’ve got you covered with our Walk To 5K training programme.   Guest article written by WithU.   New year, new goals? January is often a month for health kicks, with what seems like everyone and their dog looking to overhaul their routines. This can pretty quickly get intimidating if…

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How to take on your first 5k parkrun

Is 2023 going to be the year you do your first 5k parkrun?    Whether you’re a complete first timer, or you’ve been coming for years as a volunteer parkrunner, here are seven quick tips to make sure you kick 2023 off the best way we know how.   1) Wear something comfy   You don’t…

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Don’t let the festivities derail you

Our friends at WithU have put together their top tips for staying on top of your training during the festive period!   December can be a tough month for keeping active. We totally understand that staying cosy indoors, or catching up with your loved ones will take priority this time of year, but that doesn’t…

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Try this for better recovery

Our friends at WithU are exploring how sleep can impact your recovery after getting active. Here, they share some tips on how to improve your own sleep hygiene.   The basics of recovery post-run are pretty widely known – you refuel with food and drinks, you stretch out your body, you tend to any niggles that…

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Breaking down the jargon

Whilst getting active is pretty simple, the industry is filled with what can feel like its own language, which can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out. So, our friends at WithU are breaking down the jargon to help you understand what it means.   Fartlek, tempo, and interval training   These three training…

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Happy birthday to us from our friends at WithU!

To support our birthday campaign, our friends at WithU want to share with you exactly why you should be getting more walks in and how they can help you get your steps up!   parkrun becomes parkwalk   To commemorate their birthday, parkrun is becoming parkwalk for the month of October, and they’re shifting the…

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World Heart Day 2022

Show your heart some love with a walk, jog or run, this World Heart Day with our friends at WithU!   Today marks World Heart Day* 2022, a day for us all to stop and consider how we can best use our hearts to improve the lives of not only ourselves, but others too. We’re…

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