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parkrun week in pictures 11/27/21

Just a few days after Thanksgiving, 43 parkruns held an event for a total of 1,500 finishers (exactly!). The day was made possible by 292 spectacular volunteers, and we welcomed 259 parkrunners for the first time. It’s definitely getting chilly across the country (but there are still some fall colors around!), let’s take a look…

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Thanksgiving parkrunday in pictures 2021

One of parkrun’s special traditions is to have an “extra” day each year, varied by country.   In Canada, it’s Canada Day… In the UK it’s Christmas Day… And in the USA – it’s Thanksgiving Day! One of the biggest days for running in the year, 18 parkruns held turkey day events this week for a…

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What are you thankful for?

Each year, parkruns around the world celebrate one ‘special day’, where they can hold an additional parkrun outside of the usual Saturday morning.   The United States are about to celebrate Thanksgiving, and with it their special parkrunday. Join us as we take a look at the tradition.   For much of United States history,…

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parkrun week in pictures 11/20/2021

What a great Autumn weekend for parkrun usa! We had 42 events around the country with a total of 1,691 finishers! 406 spectacular parkrunners volunteered (!!!!!) with 271 people recording their first parkrun at one of our events. Whoa! Let’s take a look at this week’s pictures…     12 parkrunners volunteered at Charleston WV…

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Don’t look for inspiration, look to inspire

Born with a rare genetic eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa, causing slow vision degeneration, Shayne Allen said his life motto was not to look for inspiration but to inspire.   Shayne started taking part in Woy Woy parkrun in Australia in 2019, and this is his story.   Despite having less than five per cent central vision,…

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parkrun Week in Pictures 11/13/2021

It was a great weekend across parkrun USA so stop what you’re doing and let’s take a look at our events around the country! We had 43 events hosting a total of 1,721 finishers. That’s our second highest attendance of the year – autumn is perfect parkrunning weather! We had 413 parkrunner volunteers and a…

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Creekside parkrun comes to Archdale, NC!

Despite learning about parkrun in Michigan, it was in Italy that Joyce Wolford took part in her first parkrun which led her on a path to launching Creekside parkrun, Archdale, NC.  The event launched in September, and we check in with the co-EDs to learn the full story, and how it’s been going so far.  …

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parkrun Week in Pictures!

Hello parkrunners! November 6th was a great day for parkrun USA, with autumn settling in around the country we were treated to crisp temperatures and bright sunny days – what more could we ask for? Around the country we had 43 events with a total of 1,413 parkrunners! 408 spectacular helpers volunteered and we welcomed 233…

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Get ready for a Thanksgiving parkrun

What’s better than Thanksgiving?  A Thanksgiving with parkrun!  Get your barcode ready as you may be able to do an extra parkrun this year on Thursday November 25th.    In addition to the 52 Saturdays of the year, parkrun events have the option of holding two special events regardless of what day of the week…

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parkrun South Africa turns 10

Lions delaying the start, whale sightings on the coast, curious giraffes and pre-event briefings in Zulu. This month, parkrun South Africa turns 10.   To celebrate, parkrun South Africa President Bruce Fordyce talks us through the growth of parkrun across a country that now boasts the slowest average parkrun finish time at 42.57.   One…