News - 15th November 2016

We’re all parkrunning on Strava


Strava is that cool app & web platform through which serious athletes and data obsessed geeks dissect and pore over every shred of information from their runs (or rides). But Strava is much more than that, and can be a great enhancer to your parkrun experience.


See that Strava logo on next to the stats on many parkrunners’ run results? That means they’ve linked their parkrun and Strava accounts, inviting you to peek into their activities, join them on Strava’s strong social network, track and compare your progress, support each other, and much more.


All seven parkruns in the US are listed on Strava as “clubs” which you can join, to connect with all the local and visiting parkrunners on Strava. We’ve now also created a parkrun USA Club, where you can connect to the broader parkrun USA community beyond your local event.


If you use Strava to track your parkruns, you will immediately find which other Strava users ran with you that day. It’s a great way to put names and faces together, and build a more closely-knit and supportive parkrun community.


Strava is a free app. It will run on your smartphone and can be synced with a GPS watch or an activity tracker like Fitbit (another parkrun partner!). Ask a fellow parkrunner – or your run director – about how to get started and how to take your parkrun to the next level with Strava.

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