News - 20th December 2016

Mansfield, Ohio: Welcome to parkrun!


Eight is our lucky number, and with the coming launch of Mansfield OH parkrun, on January 21st, parkrun US effectively doubles the number of events in this country from just year ago. Mark your calendars, put a pin on your map, and lets hear it directly from Karen Crane, Event Director, who personally measured and re-measured the course:


Yay! – it’s really going to happen! In Ohio… in the winter….


We are looking forward to launching the first parkrun in Ohio! Interest and excitement continues to build in our community. We are a hardy bunch, yet we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the trail will be ice free on January 21st!


Since participating in my first parkrun at Gungahlin in Canberra, Australia, I’ve wanted one in our community. My brother-in-law and his wife have had such great personal success and continued enthusiasm for parkrun, that I checked out a few more, to make sure the parkrun effect was consistent and sustainable. I quickly discovered that it was. Every parkrun is different but they all shared a feeling of community and all levels of participation are encouraged from volunteer to walkers and elite athletes.


Starting a parkrun has truly been a group effort. I am so grateful to the generosity of all who have helped make ours a reality. Mark and Ange, directors of Chermside parkrun in Brisbane, were my first tutors in how to make a parkrun happen. James and the DC crew of Henry, Andres and Darrell were always there to answer questions and provide direction. Their continued enthusiasm and support was vital in getting ours up and going. Mansfield parkrun has found tremendous support from the Richland Public Health and the Mansfield Parks Department. These agencies quickly recognized the benefits parkrun can bring to the area and have been instrumental in making our parkrun a reality. Again, many thanks to all who have been part of the parkrun process.


Our parkrun mascot, ‘Finnegan’, is the golden retriever running partner of Lyle. Lyle is aiming to be our age graded record holder. We also have Angie planning to run her 50th parkrun in Mansfield in the summer of 2017! Angie’s home parkrun is in Australia. parkrun tourism is alive and thriving.


I am thrilled that Mansfield parkrun is one of the first 10 parkruns in the US and look forward to the growth of parkrun USA. Check out Mansfield parkrun… in Ohio….in winter!

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