News - 21st December 2016

Crissy Field blows 100 candles


Crissy Field’s inaugural parkrun was held on a sunny day in January 2015 with 22 runners. The runners numbered in the teens for the next few months, but they started to rise as the summer approached. That upward trajectory continued for the next twelve months, with a record setting 113 parkrunners on July 30, 2016. The growth over the first two years has been remarkable, as we doubled the number of runners from year one to year two. There has been a decrease in attendance this fall, but we anticipate a resurgence after the holidays, just as we observed after our first year.

Total Runners Average per Run Most runners First timers at Crissy First Ever parkrun
Runs 1 -50 1322 26 51 (8/15/15) 858 150
Runs 51 -100 2670 53 113 (7/30/16) 1520 591


We have a spectacular course at Crissy Field, causing many runners to pause mid-run to snap a few photos.



On the first mile runners have the dramatic vista of the Golden Gate Bridge (when it is not obscured by the occasional curtain of fog) and the waters of San Francisco Bay.


The return leg features views of Alcatraz Island, the Palace of Fine Arts, and the San Francisco skyline with the iconic Transamerica Pyramid.


We are notably a top parkrun tourist destination. On most Saturdays over half of the parkrunners are first timers at Crissy Field. We also attract record numbers of runners doing their very first parkrun, 591 this year alone.


We are a magnet for British and Australian visitors, and have hosted guests from every county that has a parkrun, and many that do not.


Our first anniversary on January 23, 2016, was graced with a stunning rainbow arcing across the bay. 78 intrepid runners joined us on December 17th for a chilly (38 degree) celebration of our 100th parkrun. Max Metcalfe, Crissy Field parkrun Event Directors, blew out the candles.


Come join us for a run on the bay.  We cannot guarantee sunny weather, but we can assure that you will have a warm welcome and a great run!

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