News - 2nd March 2017

Milestones – and More


Warm February weather across the East Coast brought enthusiasm, higher attendance, and plenty of individual and collective achievements:


Crissy Field hosted 65 youth from across the Bay, members of Running for a Better Oakland. Their participation in parkrun 107, on February 2nd, helped propel the event to a record 134 athletes. Four stalwarts achieved their 50 run milestones:  Philip Gadd, Lucy Woodward, Heidi Sokolowsky, and Monica Turner.  Coincidentally, Heidi also finished in 50th place on her 50th run, winning the “prettiest result” award.


Fletcher’s Cove celebrated its first two 50 club milestones in February: Jolanta Blazaite, who had a considerable head start, previously running in Wimbledon Common parkrun (UK), and Jeff Neradka, Fletcher’s first fully home-grown 50 club parkrunner, with all runs completed in the US since the start of the event, in Jan. 2016, barely missing a run during the year!.


College Park celebrated the first 3 official parkrun milestones, all juniors: Ian Parsons, Sam McGranahan, and Thomas Parsons all earned their 10-club shirts. The achievements were celebrated with cake, of course! In addition. Cindy Conant, a new addition to the parkrun family, she set the two best age-graded runs ever for parkrun USA. And the following week she returned as a volunteer!


In Durham NC, Melinda Beaver achieved her 100th parkrun, and four runners joined the 50 club in 2017: Denise Larsen, Jason McMains, Alan Kelly, and most recently, Audrey Perlow.


In Cleremont Waterfront, 2017 50 Club honors go to Daniel Whitehouse, with others on schedule to reach their milestones in March.


Finally, Livonia parkrun, the first event in the US, will turn 5 on June 3rd, and is already encouraging parkrunners to start planning a visit for what will certainly be an epic celebration of five years of parkrunning in the US. There are at least seven parkrunners from Livonia in the 100 milestone club, among whom we’ll likely see the first American member of the legendary 250 club!


With apologies to any runner or volunteer whose milestone may have been missed here - and an invitation to contact us to correct our error. Congratulations to all parkrunners, whether you’ve just started your journey or already have parkrun tattoed on your legs!

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