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Our parkrun week in pictures, October 27th 2017


In this week’s parkrun USA snapshot we celebrate milestones. Not only the ones that are recognized by official parkrun shirts, but also the ones that matter to individuals and to communities. With new events about to launch, and many more in the pipeline, more and more Americans can enjoy these milestones every weekend.




At College Park parkrun they celebrated their one year anniversary with this cake. 

The figures on the cake are Lisa Wilson and her husband Hump Plotts, who between them have volunteered 84 times in the event’s first year.



And at Clermont parkrun in Florida they were celebrating their 200th event. And who should show up, but four of the core team from Eagan parkrun, a mere 1500 miles away in Minnesota. 

Eagan parkrun is much younger, recently passing its 25th event. But it is already such a smooth operation that most of the core team can go parkrunning on the other side of the country, safe in the knowledge that everything is under control back home.



For their 200th parkrun, Clermont parkrun had a nice round 100 runners, who enjoyed a rare appearance of the “woodland course”, an alternative route used when the normal trail is in use for another event.

Taking a knee, in the center of the shot, is Hector Clemente, the Clermont parkrunner whose tens of thousands of photos are treasured by the parkrun tourists who visit Clermont from around the world every week.



And look what the Clermont parkrun crew found when they got to the post-run meetup. Amanda, the owner of Cheeser’s Palace Cafe, baked them these lovely cakes.



Not to be outdone, Lynn Boven, co-event director at Livonia parkrun in Michigan, became the first person to do a parkrun USA event 200 times. His dog Cooper has joined him for more than half of those runs. 

Rain is no worry for these two. They’re looking forward to the snow that will blanket Bicentennial Park in a couple of months.



Meanwhile, at Roosevelt Island parkrun in Washington DC, this dog was looking forward to a more leisurely parkrun with the tailwalker.



More milestones. At Mansfield OH parkrun Jon Fulwider was one of the two locals to become the event’s first 25-timers. And Angie Bryer, who normally runs at Chermside parkrun in Brisbane, Australia, celebrated her 50th parkrun in a dashing red cape.



At College Park parkrun Emily Flamm enjoyed stunning fall weather for her 10th parkrun. 

Emily used to stay home with the kids while husband Ben went off to running events. Now Ben’s more often with the kids while Emily is setting PBs at parkrun.



More parkrun USA tourism. Bhuvi V recently started running regularly at Livonia parkrun in Michigan. This week we found her parkrunning at Leakin Park parkrun in Maryland.



Over at Crissy Field parkrun Rebecca Robinson set a speedy new female course record. 

Rebecca is from Cumbria in the hilly north of England, and she recently was on the UK team at the World Mountain Running Championships in Italy. There she faced around 2800 feet of climbing. At Crissy Field parkrun the elevation gain is more like 28 inches.



You wouldn’t know it from this lakeside shot, but Deep Run parkrun in Richmond, VA has the biggest uphill (and the biggest downhill) in parkrun USA. A big group of teenage first timers took it all in their stride this weekend.



At Durham, NC parkrun everybody enjoyed the picture perfect morning.



This was last weekend at Heritage Harbor parkrun in Illinois. Some heavy storms were passing through, but a dedicated group of parkrunners was undeterred.



At Fletcher’s Cove parkrun in Washington DC, debut run director Tita Chico had a fantastic team of volunteers to assist her.



And at Leakin Park parkrun 84-year old Jerome, a Korean War veteran, came along to help as a volunteer. He had a great time and hopes to be back regularly.



Look what arrived in the mail at Renton parkrun this week. Just a few weeks to go until the launch of the first Seattle-area parkrun on November 18th. But perhaps these vests will get their first tryout at the Renton parkrun trial event next Saturday, October 28th.



Another volunteer preparing for November 18th. 11-year old Ginger will be run director for the College Park parkrun Kid Takeover Day in a few weeks. This week she was learning her craft with local results guru Nick Huang. 

Nick did his 25th volunteer stint this weekend, so soon he’ll have a nice purple parkrun shirt to match the parkrun laptop.



And at Moberly parkrun in N Central Missouri they’re gearing up for the big day – join them next week for their official launch.



One of the spectators at Mansfield OH parkrunthis week.


See you next week.



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