News - 21st March 2018

Our parkrun week in pictures, March 17th 2018


While the season changes ever so slowly from Winter to Spring, the true treasure at the end of the rainbow is not gold, but the communities of parkrun USA. While we wait for the Spring colors to load, an abundance of green could be found on parkrunners celebrating the Saint Patrick’s Day holiday.




Renton parkrun totally rocked the holiday this year with cuteness, rainbows, and all the gold treasure a parkrunner could hope for at the finish line. Great job Leyla, Kesha, and Kalah!




First timers to Livonia parkrun Brandi and Porsche brought the Irish Viking trend to the forefront of parkrun. When will we see these two conquer parkrun again?




Roosevelt Island parkrun did something a bit different this week. Partnering with a National Park Service team, a few brave parkrunners searched for gold, but ended up making the park greener.




Sometimes we have to acknowledge that it isn’t just a normal parkrun day. Dale clearly showed the St. Patrick’s Day pride at Crissy Field parkrun.




The wonderful community at Leakin Park parkrun continues to show their support week in and out, from beginning to end of each event. Consider joining them the next time you are in the Baltimore area.




Anacostia parkrun welcomed a strong showing of locals, and a special guest from the parkrun UK Board of Directors, Jeremy Townsend with Darrell Stanaford, parkrun USA Country Manager.




Rochelle and son Canyon crushed the Moberly parkrun course. Well done Rochelle on finishing your 5th parkrun, and Canyon on your 4th (even if you sprinted at the end to beat your mother!).




“I’ll be back” seems to be the common saying both with snowmen and with regulars to College Park parkrun. This week 100% of the parkruners were “homegrown” from College Park. Carlos finished his 30th parkrun, and Xander his 29th.




Livonia parkrun continues to see regulars achieving milestones. This time it was Maura Bradley. Well done!




Last week we got to meet Ed Orser in our roundup when he hit his 25th volunteer milestone at Leakin Park parkrun. This week we get to see Mary conquering Ed’s marshaling spot, known as “Mt. Orser”.




Anacostia parkrun welcomed Teens Run DC back for their special St. Patrick’s Day run.




Prince George’s County Parks recently upgraded the College Park parkrun course with new asphalt. So we expect some new PBs from that. The Prince George’s Parks group has been an amazing partner for parkrun: two weeks ago they cleared fallen trees in record time. This week they put down new asphalt. And next month they will be co-hosting a tree planting on the course.




Situated between Virginia and Florida, Durham, NC parkrun sees occasional visitors drive quite a distance to visit, this time from Fayetteville, NC.




Is this not proof that Crissy Field parkrun is always beautiful, glamorous, and …. wait is that mud?




What’s not to love at parkrun on the beautiful Deep Run parkrun course on St. Patrick’s Day!




Fletcher’s Cove parkrun received a visit from this lucky leprechaun and a playful barkrunner.




Fletcher’s Cove parkrun also had a great looking bunch of volunteers this week.




Eagan parkrun stepped their game up this week by introducing some new technology with a 360-degree video. Check out their page for more of their St Patrick’s Day event.




Morriah and Jeffery do the final event cleanup of the final test run at Kensington parkrun. From here on out it’s all official parkrunning in Kensington.




South Boulder Creek parkrun had another beautiful event, with an attendance record. They will soon be joined by a second Colorado parkrun, in Aspen.




This group at Jamaica Pond parkrun look like they are totally ready to crush their inaugural event in two weeks.




The finish line crew at Renton parkrun had their St Patrick’s Day outfits ready and able to assist all runners.




See you next week!



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