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Our parkrun week in pictures, April 7th 2018


We welcomed yet another new parkrun location to the family this week (we’re talking about a little place called Aspen!) You can almost feel the excitement about the growth of parkrun US radiating from this week’s set of photos.


It’s ironic that in a state with over 300 days of sunshine the launch of Aspen parkrun was a cloudy affair!! It didn’t stop a great bunch of locals, including Aspen’s mayor, and visitors coming out for the inaugural run!




Thanks to the volunteer crew of Aspen parkrun for all of their hard work leading up to the inaugural event. Here’s to many more successful Saturday mornings!




Everyone at Aspen’s first parkrun made it safely back to 8,000 ft and many enjoyed coffee afterward at the Aspen Recreation Center café. 




Neighboring South Boulder Creek parkrun is still a relatively new event, but they’re already seeing some parkrun tourism. Ole and Gert came all the way from Fælledparken parkrun in Denmark to run in Boulder on Saturday morning.




Zoe (right) didn’t come as far to participate, as she’s a local high school student, but she left quite an impression setting a new female course record for South Boulder Creek parkrun.




It does not matter how big or how small, how warm or how cold, what matters is how much fun was had!Deep Run parkrun had a small crowd and the run was wet and cold, but there were donuts and visitors. They had 50% US and 50% British runners at their event and 80% of their awesome volunteers were under 16! The parkrun community shines even when the sun does not.




Clermont parkrun had sunny skies and 132 finishers for their 2-loop, under the trees course. They also had extra volunteers who helped put out hundreds of small flags to mark the course.




Hector is usually on the other side of the camera at Clermont parkrun, but it’s nice to see his smiling face and that of his wife, Luriela.




Barbara was visiting DC with her daughter Celeste from Raleigh, NC, and decided to do her first parkrun at Anacostia parkrun. She and regular parkrunner and volunteer Jennifer met for the first time Saturday morning and found out that they both went through the BA program at Russell Sage College in Troy, NY! They tail walked together and snapped this sunny selfie where it looks like they’ve known each other for much longer than a few hours.




Crystal beat the PB that she set almost exactly a year ago Saturday, so she proudly and excitedly rang the PB bell at College Park parkrun.




There was also added excitement at College Park parkrun because the University of Maryland Gymkana troupe came to participate. They showed off some of their skills in advance of their performances next weekend.




Eagan parkrun had clear skies and a clear course on their inner loop, so they ran it three times to achieve a 5K distance. They still have snow in the forecast, so they’ll continue to keep an eye on things as they anticipate spring and clear trails. Until then, staying bundled up in a stroller makes parkrun a perfectly enjoyable experience.




This weekend at Crissy Field parkrun, it was all smiles at the finish from runners and walkers young and old. This young man couldn’t contain his excitement to cross the finish line on his own two feet. We see a parkrunner in the making.




Another young participant at Crissy Field parkruncrossed the finish line hand in hand with her Mom, excited to have completed the full course herself.




This little boy knows the perks of coming to Mansfield OH parkrun well. First, you get to meet all sorts of cute, friendly dogs. How exciting!




Then you get to bundle up for a nice, cozy ride while Mom runs the Mansfield OH parkrun course.




Philip lives an hour away from Deep Run parkrun, but when his daughter Jess in in town visiting from the UK, they make the trip to participate. A visit from your child AND parkrun = happiness!




Durham, NC parkrun saw 21 finishers this week for their wet, 3 loop course, and a fun group gathered after for breakfast to warm up and dry out.




Livonia parkrun had 39 brave the cold, which left them wondering if it was really April or not. Despite the 19 degree temperature, there were 3 first time Livonia parkrunners, one of whom was their first ever tourist from Renton! Andrea, a local parkrunner, is pictured here, giving a cheery wave to the photographer.




Livonia parkrun also had 14 volunteers with two first timers. Brendan, on the right, was one of those first time volunteers and he learned the ropes from veteran volunteer Raghu, on the left.




Dan was surprised and excited to be recognized for his volunteerism with a fun little koala trinket. A visiting Aussie parkrunner kindly brought them for all of this week’s volunteers at Jamaica Pond parkrun


There was a great turnout for parkrun #2 with 69 people running, jogging or walking the course. They had a lot of regulars (from their trial run days), many tourists including a pilot who switched his flights from NY to Boston so that he could make it to parkrun.




Even when it’s cold out, it’s warm at Kensington parkrun! 30 participants braved the chilly morning and made parkrun #3 a great event.




At Kensington parkrun, the Ross men were on the job as volunteers. Ian is a member of the core team, and he brought his father and brother to help, too.




Sally, Iman and Bob make an amazing (and bright) team cruising through the finish at Leakin Park parkrun. They also represent over 60 parkruns at Leakin Park.




The Friends of Gwynns Falls hosted a stream cleanup right after Leakin Park parkrun, and many parkrunners participated to help beautify their park. As you applaud your runners, we applaud you for giving back to your park!




Travis, who earned his volunteer 25 shirt this week at Roosevelt Island parkrun, was awarded a high-vis cape to wear to celebrate the occasion. Here he poses with RD Nick, who recently earned his volunteer 25 shirt, too.




After Roosevelt Island parkrun, parkrunners gathered at their usual coffee spot and had a chance to participate in hands-on CPR training with the Arlington County Fire Department and Virginia Hospital Center.




Rain jackets were the running attire of choice at Renton parkrun this week, which helped keep many of the participants dry….well, somewhat dry. Nevertheless, there were plenty of smiles.




By far the best parkrun fashion statement, though, is high-vis bright yellow like this group of enthusiastic volunteers at Fletcher’s Cove are modeling.




Whatever you wear, a parkrunner’s true colors show through their attitude and ability to celebrate every run completed. This gentleman from Fletcher’s Cove shows us how to do just that.




Of course if you’re Lindsay Cockerham and claiming the spot of parkrun USA’s 20,000th unique finisher, there’s an extra reason to celebrate. She didn’t know it at the time, but her first parkrun was a pretty momentous occasion, and we can brag that although she lives in the UK, she did her first parkrun here in the US. Now she’s eager to try out a parkrun or two back at home.


We’ll leave you with some of the fun welcome signs that other parkrun US events used to welcome Aspen to the parkrun family.




Mansfield OH, a fellow parkrun with April snow.




Jamaica Pond. Just one week after their own launch.




College Park, referencing the fact that they are looking up from near sea level towards Aspen, the highest elevation parkrun in the world.




Renton, pulling in some humor from the 1994 classic Dumb & Dumber.




Roosevelt Island, with lots of friendly waves. 




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