News - 18th April 2018

Would You Run Naked?

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Have you ever noticed someone running naked at parkrun? Maybe you’ve run naked yourself? It may not be as obvious to spot as one might think, since we’re using the word “naked” to describe running without technology but fully clothed.


At parkrun we are interested in being more in tune with our bodies, our environment, and our community. Sometimes technology can stand in the way of that. So we’re looking for some parkrunners to try “running naked” and then share their experiences with us.


If you’d like to participate, send an email to and tell us where you normally do your parkrunning. You may be featured in “Running Naked, Part 2”.


We’re looking for three categories of participation in this challenge:


1) No music

2) No watch/phone/fitness tracking device

3) No technology and no hurry. Take your time and maybe even run/walk with another parkrunner.


Just remember, ditch the technology but keep your clothes on!


cell in hand


One of the things we love about parkrun is that people can participate in a way that makes them comfortable, and we encourage that kind of diversity. Those who walk or jog at a leisurely pace and chat, take pictures of wildlife or stop along the way to let their dog sniff are as equally celebrated as first finishers.


running naked


No one is pressured to be a social butterfly if they’re more of an introvert. If someone wants to beat their PB and wants to focus on their running and only their running, they can. If someone needs or wants music or a recording device for their 5K, it’s okay as long as it doesn’t impede anyone’s safety.


running headphones 2



However, if you usually listen to music or track your workout while you parkrun and you’re up for a challenge, try a week running naked and let us know how it goes!




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