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Our parkrun week in pictures, April 21st 2018


parkrun is helping to create more and more healthy communities across the US. This week’s roundup explains why, with a big assist from our younger parkrunners: the kids and the barkrunners.




parkrun is about volunteering in your community. Foxy is a regular barkrunner at Roosevelt Island parkrun, but this week she helped her human take a turn as run director.




parkrun is social. Meeting new friends while enjoying the outdoors is a key feature. Kensington parkrun




parkrun is not a race. You can go flat out and set new records, but there are no prizes for being fast. At Deep Run parkrun Lindy can often be found blazing a trail, but this week Moose helped her to slow down a little and smell the roses.




It’s not a race, but sometimes you just feel the urge to sprint, as Heidi did this week at College Park parkrun.




parkrun continues every week, all year round. Even in Minnesota, where Eagan parkrun has continued through a long winter. But not everyone enjoys running with frozen paws. This week’s parkrun USA record turnout had nothing to do with special events, and had everything to do with the snow finally receding in the Midwest, where many events saw their largest turnouts since last Fall.




parkrun is from coast to coast. From famous landmarks on the West Coast. Crissy Field parkrun




To hidden gems on the East Coast. Sisters Chantelle and Candice Ringgold discovered the joys of walking at Leakin Park parkrun. All the more fun because they were joined by Brie and Bruno.




At parkrun we guarantee that you will not finish last. Our volunteer tailwalkers have the job of finishing last and ensuring that everybody finishes safely. This week at Mansfield OH parkrun Adrienne and Random shared the tailwalking role.




parkrun is for all the family. Kids under 11 should stay with an adult. Sometimes the kids make that challenging. Fletcher’s Cove parkrun




parkrun is for all ages. Margo is becoming a regular at Jamaica Pond parkrun, where she has attended 3 of the 4 events so far. And she’s enjoying more company in her circuits around the pond.




Spring is finally reaching most corners of parkrun USA. Well, the low-lying corners, at least. Leakin Park parkrun




It was a beautiful morning at Durham, NC parkrun.




The harbor has thawed at Heritage Harbor Ottawa parkrun, where the parkrunners have kept going through the winter, while the boats were hibernating.




We often see parkrun tourists visiting from thousands of miles away. But we were especially excited that this week’s biggest parkrun tourist activity was at Roosevelt Island parkrun, where Teens Run DC took the short trip across the river from their usual base at Anacostia parkrun. They ran, they pitched in as volunteers, and then they stayed around for their spring picnic. Perfect!




There was a cricket tournament going on this weekend in Bicentennial Park, the home of Livonia parkrun. Naturally, the cricket attracted many members of the local South Asian community. But Anup Garde, Manjunatha Mahadeva, Bharat Umarji, Moorthy Narayanan (not pictured), and Ragu T. were there for parkrun.




Our volunteers are awesome. Spring hasn’t quite reached Aspen parkrun yet, where half a foot of snow fell overnight. Heather Cameron was determined to continue her streak of attending every Aspen parkrun event. No PBs were set, but she may have enjoyed a world record for the number of volunteers tending to her parkrun needs.




At regular running events your entry fee helps to cover the cost of timing chips and the sensors that detect when you finish.


If you were at College Park parkrun this week, JJ and Nick took times and processed results, which were delivered to your inbox by the time you finished your post-parkrun coffee. All for free, of course. And we’ve never met a timing mat that knows your name and gives you a high five as you cross the finish line.




Speaking of high fives at the finish, this was Kensington parkrun this weekend.




Christina and Richard enjoyed their scenic stroll as tail walkers at Crissy Field parkrun.




parkrun is all about building bridges and solving challenges. At Anacostia parkrun this week the team arrived to find roads closed and another event in progress. No problem: the equipment is light and we always share the trails. The turnaround point is normally hard to miss, unless it has been commandeered as the venue for an Earth Day event. No problem: the parkrunners helped each other out. And when you are the 7 year old finish token volunteer and a walking group is out enjoying the course, almost an hour behind the previous finishers, then that’s no problem either: build more bridges.




In our record-setting weekend, Leyla and her dad Nick were the 887th and 888th finishers, since they were tailwalkers at Renton parkrun. Leyla also completed her 8th parkrun, putting her on track to be the first Pacific Northwest parkrunner to join one of the parkrun milestone clubs.




Two thumbs up for the volunteers at South Boulder Creek parkrun, where winter is still holding on.




They’re enjoying the fancy new post-parkrun coffee spot that’s now a short walk from Fletcher’s Cove parkrun. Soon they may even have outdoor seating.




It’s exclusively outdoor seating for the post-parkrun coffee and donuts at Crissy Field parkrun. And on a day like this, who would want to be inside.




Ok, so if it’s your birthday, and there’s a spread in your honor at Cheeser’s Palace, then it’s worth going inside for your post-parkrun cake. Congratulations to Larry Hevner, who ran at Clermont parkrun for the 176th time to mark his 70th birthday.


There’s another birthday celebration coming up at Clermont parkrun. Next Saturday marks their 5th birthday, the second US parkrun to reach this milestone.




Lee Romero ran a contest in the Runners of Michigan Facebook group, to see which event could convince him join their race this weekend. The winner? Livonia parkrun, of course, even though they’re not a race.




From the oldest parkrun USA event to one of the newest. A group of pioneers this weekend put Charleston parkrun through its paces, ahead of their official launch a couple of weeks from now. 


Charleston is one of four US communities to join the family between late April and early June, taking the count of US parkruns to 23.




There’s no telling who you might meet when you show up at your local parkrun.


This was one of the spectators at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun this week.

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