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Our parkrun week in pictures, May 5th 2018


It was another record weekend for parkrun USA! As we welcomed Charleston, WV parkrun to the family, there were TWENTY-ONE parkruns taking place across the country this weekend. All 21 were, of course, brought to you by a dedicated team of parkrun volunteers. This week’s photo roundup celebrates them and the joy that comes with being part of the parkrun community.




At Renton parkrun, Kyle, their regularly-visiting Aussie, volunteered alongside Mark, who took his first turn as a volunteer. Mark did his job with a sense of humor and effectively sent everyone directly to the scanner after handing them their token.




Every week, the tokens volunteer gets to be one of the first people to congratulate everyone on a parkrun well done. Plus, there’s great scenery that comes with the job, if you’re at Crissy Field parkrun.




At Kensington parkrun, Baby Henry helped his mom, Stephanie, with run directing duties! Since he didn’t get to wear a high-viz vest, he spent some time later trying to eat one of them. Thank you Brody, Stephanie, Henry, Jefferson, Danielle, Jack, Ian (who was busy being turnaround marshal), and Event Director Pam – who joined the 25 volunteer club this weekend.




Volunteers really do have the most fun at Mansfield OH parkrun.




Tail wagging is such a great volunteer role for barkrunners and their humans. At Leakin Park parkrun, Cinnamon & Doug did an excellent job making sure everyone got around safely.




Tim gave the first timer’s briefing at Livonia parkrun. Hmm…a “first timer” with a 50 club shirt? Actually, it’s a great idea for tourists to listen in to learn about a new course and anything that might be unique to that parkrun.




Don’t look now, South Boulder Creek parkrun high-viz heroes, but we think there might be a mountain behind you….




Sometimes, our high-viz heroes are faaaaaaaancy! Kortney was dressed to the nines as run director at Renton parkrun on Saturday. Next week, we dare someone to wear a tuxedo.




There were 150 parkrun volunteers across the US this weekend, but only six of them can claim the honor of volunteering at our newest parkrun in Charleston, West Virginia. Congratulations to everyone involved with Charleston WV parkrun!




Eighteen runners and walkers turned out to take part in the inaugural Charleston WV parkrun. Also attending were representatives from the Charleston Parks and Recreation Department, who have been such great supporters of parkrun.




But the best part of any new parkrun? Seeing new friendships starting to develop and a community beginning to form. It makes all of us so happy to know that Charleston, WV is the latest city where parkrun is going to change lives.




We love the “whiteboard welcomes” that existing parkruns send to our new family members on their inaugural weekend. It’s yet another reminder that we’re all part of the same parkrun family. Thanks,College Park parkrun!




And here’s Roosevelt Island parkrun with their welcome message.




Mansfield OH parkrun says hi, too, to their new parkrun “neighbor.”




Wait, why is Patrick wearing a bib at parkrun? Why, because he did a double, running the College Park 5K at 8am and then College Park parkrun at 9am. Love the shirt, too!




Why yes, Virginia, there really is a field at Crissy Field parkrun.




Apricot shirt alert at Durham, NC parkrun. It was exciting to see some USA tourism in action, with Cindy & Steve visiting from College Park.




What a beautiful day at Jamaica Pond parkrun! And when you’re happy to be at parkrun, why not show it?




A great milestone for Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun: their first junior finished his first parkrun. Congratulations, Lucas, Kriston, and Rachel – we hope you’ll be back for many more parkruns.




It was a busy weekend Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, where two juniors joined the 10 club and Volunteer Coordinator Sylvia joined the volunteer 25 club.




At Livonia parkrun, Raghu and Bhuvi look delighted to finally be enjoying the warmer weather and the “summer” parkrun course.




It was a great day to be out walking Leakin Park parkrun with friends.




Oh, South Boulder Creek parkrun, could you be any more beautiful? Hung, who’s previously run in Australia, doesn’t seem to think so.




Actually, it might be more accurate to say that 21.5 parkruns took place this past weekend. Mountain Goat Trail parkrun held a practice before their inaugural on May 19. It’s so great to see that people are already learning that parkrun is a great activity for the whole family.




See you next week! (Seriously, South Boulder Creek parkrun. More photos like this and you’re going to have all of us buying plane tickets to come visit.)




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