News - 20th June 2018

Barkrunner of the week: Anana


To mark our totally unofficial “barkrunner day” on June 23rd, our first barkrunner of the week, Foxy, interviewed Anana, a regular runner and volunteer at Crissy Field parkrun in San Francisco. And we learned the story behind her pink hairdo.


Anana, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?


My name is Anana, which means beautiful in Inuit, and I am a Yorkie. I hail from Phoenix, AZ and I just turned 12. I have been running with my mom for 7 years to get healthy but we just found out about parkrun at Crissy Field.


You may be best known to parkrunners across the USA as the adorable and stylish pup with pink hair standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Tell us about that fabulous ‘do!


I love my pink hairdo, and it really suits me as I am a styling yorkie. We colored my hair for the paws fur pink 5K.  It was to bring awareness for the National Canine Cancer Foundation. I had a mammary cancer scare after my second litter, and I want people to know about the risk for their pets.




Oh wow, I had no idea. You are such an inspiration!  And, you volunteer at Crissy Field parkrun too, right?


When we volunteer, we are usually the Tail Walkers as I am slow and steady.


Everyone loves a good tail walker! Are there other activities you enjoy?


I know trainers say they have bred the hunter out of the Yorkie, but they haven’t met me. I love to chase the squirrels, possums, and birds in the back yard.  My Mom hates when I bring her gifts from the back yard. I have a bed in every room in the house. I love to be the center of attention and getting belly rubs.


I think you and I could be hunting buddies and best friends!  Okay, time for the lightning round:


Favorite TV show?  I watch whatever my Mom watches on the TV but love to lay on any blanket she is trying to crotchet as I want scratches.

If you could drive a car, what would it be?  A pink, sporty Mazda … zoom zoom.

If you could have a human job, what would it be?  A Walmart greeter as I love being around people, especially children.

Best friend? I am friends with many other animals, but I am closest to my son TucsonTiago who lives with us. His nickname is Slug Bug as he doesn’t like to walk. I am also close to Josie the world’s cutest ugly dog. She comes every year from Tucson to compete in the World’s Ugliest Dog contest in Petaluma and steals one of my beds. I am way too cute for that contest.




That you are!  You are fabulous Anana!  Thank you, and congrats on being barkrunner of the week!  




Dogs love walking or running at parkrun. And they can help to keep you active year round. If you haven’t yet introduced your dog to parkrun, give it a try this weekend.


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