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Our parkrun week in pictures, July 14th 2018

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Cesare Pavese, an Italian poet, novelist, literary critic and translator said “We do not remember days, we remember moments”. This week’s roundup captures some of the beautiful moments at parkruns across the US on Saturday.




Event leaders at Charleston WV parkrun had a moment this weekend when they realized that parkrun is really catching on in their community. “I’m not really sure how to describe it, but today’s event felt different to me. Many of our first-timers came with people who have attended in the past – like a self-directed bring-a-friend day. It feels like a different kind of momentum is starting.”- Adam Patnoe




A lot of the behind the scenes work isn’t captured by cameras, but at Mansfield OH parkrun, Wes took a few moments to cut some hazardous branches hanging over the trail pre-event. Thank you for keeping the trail safe, Wes!




The moment the run director asks all of the first-timers to raise their hands is always exciting! At Fletcher’s Cove parkrun they welcomed several on Saturday.




Capturing the crowd just moments before a parkrun starts is especially exciting for newer events like Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun, as the crowds get bigger each week!




At Eagan parkrun two volunteers took a moment to pose for a photo before runners started crossing the finish line.




In the moments after the run director says “go,” parkrunners take their first few steps and focus their thoughts on their goals for the morning. Fletcher’s Cove parkrun




It was a special moment for Amanda Mercer at College Park parkrun this weekend, as she finished her 50th parkrun, and all at College Park! Here, she is surrounded by friends and fellow members of the Prince George Running Club.




Here’s another special celebratory moment, this time at Eagan parkrun! Francine earned her 50 shirt Saturday and was recognized during the run brief.




At Durham, NC parkrun, Erin also completed her 50th parkrun and had her moment in the spotlight holding their celebratory sign.




While we love celebrating high number milestones, sometimes it’s the first parkrun that is the most meaningful. Congratulations to this young lady for participating in her very first Livonia parkrun this weekend.




The moment before a high five from a fellow parkrunner is one our photographers often capture, since encouragement is…well, encouraged at parkrun! Deep Run parkrun




We love when event photographers capture the moment a child decides to give it their all and “perform” for the camera. Leakin Park parkrun




Rebecca and Ben are sharing lots of moments after being reunited after months apart! These lovebirds will be getting married soon, now that Ben has moved to the US from Australia. One of their first shared experiences after their reunion? parkrun tourism, of course. Becca has been a regular at Renton parkrun and we’re sure Ben will be, too!




The Newman kids know how to enjoy the moment, as they took in the beauty and wonder of nature along the parkrun course in Leakin Park parkrun, collecting leaves, rocks and flowers. They also enjoyed visiting with all of the furry participants at parkrun.




The photographer at South Boulder Creek parkrun took a few moments to capture some of the beauty surrounding their parkrun course.




Sometimes we capture silly moments, like the moment a runner sees the photographer and decides to ham it up… Kensington parkrun




Another “I see you, photographer!” moment from South Boulder Creek parkrun




As an adult, you appreciate the moments when you can let your inner child loose! We love this runner’s airplane style arms at the turn-around at Jamaica Pond parkrun.




The moment before receiving your finish token from a smiling volunteer… Roosevelt Island parkrun




The moment you collect your finisher token is always one that elicits smiles! Charleston WV parkrun




At Crissy Field parkrun, these two shared a moment at the finish line after completing their parkruns.




It will be a while before Sam earns her first milestone shirt, but she completed 3K on Saturday and we’re sure she’ll work her way to her first parkrun finish soon! Here, she is enjoying a moment in the shade after her impressive effort on the course at Eagan parkrun




The cross country team from Windermere High School took a moment to pose for the camera at Clermont parkrun on Saturday after completing the 5K. Though the school is out of our district, the coach lives nearby parkrun and they cane to give the XC alternate course a whirl.




The moment your Mom requests a post-parkrun photo… Livonia parkrun




Moberly parkrun participants enjoyed a moment together before hitting the course for a sunny parkrun. They welcomed a tourist from South Africa this week!




Ringing the bell that doubles as a first-timer and PB bell was a proud moment for Mara (first timer) at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun!




Steve decided to commemorate Livonia parkrun‘s 300th event with some unique headgear, and their photographer captured this moment of seriousness before he surely broke into a grin.




Yep, we have these kinds of moments at parkrun, too. Jamaica Pond parkrun




Sometimes you need a moment at the finish to collect yourself, as did this barkrunner at Renton parkrun.




When you volunteer for community service hours and end up making new friends at parkrun, you take a moment to get a selfie like this crew at Renton parkrun.




Often, the moments at the very end of parkrun, just before packing up and leaving the course, are the most memorable. That’s especially true on a beautiful morning like they had at Mansfield OH parkrun this weekend.




These parkrunners enjoyed several moments of zen while doing yoga in the park after Deep Run parkrun Saturday morning.




Many people use their time running or walking to sort out their thoughts or clear their minds. At Roosevelt Island parkrun, this participant took a few moments of solitude to contemplate the words of Teddy Roosevelt at the monument just steps away from the parkrun course.

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