News - 8th August 2018

Our parkrun week in pictures, August 4th 2018


Early August is a great time to enjoy your local parkrun, or to strike out for a bit of parkrun tourism. In this week’s roundup we find visitors from far away, US parkrunners on tour, and more and more family and friends getting in on the action on another record-setting weekend. And a bonus celebrity encounter, too.


This week at parkrun USA there were 1,360 finishers, 488 first-timers, 179 PBs, and 193 volunteers. 




Peak tourist season made for an attendance record at Clermont parkrun. But if you have to stand in line to get your barcode scanned, what a place to do it!




The Tail Walker and Marshals at Renton parkrun had a blast.




Ian became the first junior parkrunner to join the 50 club at College Park parkrun, and Elizabeth and her family together passed the 150 parkrun mark.




At Charleston WV parkrun 79-year old Luther enjoyed his first parkrun, together with his sons Todd and Jamie.




With over 150 finishers at College Park parkrun this week, the Run Director needed to draft some top talent to do token sorting.




The grown-ups were wise to start out at the back at Joe Creason parkrun.




At Des Moines Creek parkrun Nancy was thrilled to replace a run with a walk with her octogenarian dad Jim.




At Mansfield OH parkrun Darlene enjoyed her last parkrun with her son Dylan before he heads off to college. Well, they started together. Dylan marked the occasion by setting a speedy new PB.




Great morning for a stroll at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun in Tennessee. Almost all of the record-breaking crowd finished in over 40 minutes. Excellent! On a warm summer morning, why hurry?




The Strowger family, visiting from Bognor Regis parkrun in England, made sure to coordinate their outfits for their visit to Crissy Field parkrun.




parkrun USA extends a warm welcome to all refugees. The Leakin Park parkrun team are currently homeless, while their park undergoes repairs after recent storms. This week they were welcomed like family at Kensington parkrun.




Shelley and Jason are normally leading the show at 8000′ of elevation at Aspen parkrun. This week they returned to their roots and enjoyed the rich oxygen by the beach at Kirra parkrun in Australia.




Joyce Adams, co-Event Director at Roosevelt Island parkrun did a spot of parkrun voluntourism at Norwich junior parkrun in England. The kids gave her lots of good ideas to bring back home.




At Livonia parkrun Tim (far right) was thrilled to welcome a crew from his club, Farmington Run Club, to parkrun.




And who wouldn’t smile with views like that? Crissy Field parkrun




At Deep Run parkrun Carla Barnes and Matt Blazek brought along their wedding party to parkrun. Congratulations, guys!

It seems that Matt didn’t wait for Carla, though he did finish within a couple of seconds of a certain Mr Love. Not bad.




You never know who you’re going to run into at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun. As these folks were finishing up their parkrun on the C&O Canal Towpath they ran into a certain recent FLOTUS, sans barcode.


Yeah, we know. Pictures or it didn’t happen. But try explaining that to the scary Secret Service dude.




The lead pack at Kensington parkrun had to negotiate 4 times through the small pond that forms after heavy storms on the Rock Creek Trail. All the more fun.




Beautiful morning for the run briefing at Renton parkrun.




Peaceful morning on the trail at South Boulder Creek parkrun.

See you next week!

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