News - 12th September 2018

Our parkrun week in pictures, September 8th 2018


In this week’s parkrun USA roundup we find parkrunners getting it done, whatever challenges might stand in their way. We reveal our 90,000th finisher – perhaps it was you? And we discover new ways of enjoying your Saturday morning parkrun.




At College Park parkrun overnight storms created some new “water features” on the course, but Tomas did not let that stand in the way of a PB.




At Fletcher’s Cove parkrun they ran along the canal in the opposite direction, to share the towpath with another event. Their puddles were good enough to make you want to get out of your stroller.




Parting the waters at Anacostia parkrun, which clearly has the best drainage of the 5 DC-area parkruns.


Leakin Park


At Leakin Park parkrun they’re still using an alternate course, while the parks department repairs the park after severe summer storm damage. A nice feature of the temporary course is the extra cheers you get on this switchback section.




“I’m amazed that Livonia parkrun has been going for 6 years and I just now found out about it.”


Welcome Sarma Anantapantula. Your first parkrun is an important milestone.




At Mountain Goat Trail parkrun they were celebrating their Sweet 16th parkrun.




Meanwhile at Kensington parkrun they were celebrating the warm community that has already grown after 25 free, weekly events.


CF 1


Congratulations to Knut Mehr, whose 125th finish at Crissy Field parkrun also happened to make him the 90,000th finisher at parkrun USA.




Close, but no cig… energy bar. Cathryn Burby, this week’s volunteer parkrun USA newsletter editor, was the 89,999th finisher at parkrun USA. But she set a PB at Renton parkrun anyway, so that’s even better.




“While I may have begged a little when trying to convince the crew that it was a great thing to do, we got up, did it and loved it!”


Thank you, Yasmin from parkrun Australia for your outreach with the locals to tell them about Crissy Field parkrun.




There’s always a great crowd of walkers, strollers, and strollees at Charleston WV parkrun.


Deep Run


Turns out that Pokemon Go while parkrunning is a thing at Deep Run parkrun.


Local parkrun tourist Joyce was curious to learn about this. But we don’t recommend that she try this at her home event, Roosevelt Island parkrun. We don’t want any parkrunners landing in the Potomac while searching for monsters.


Leakin Park 2


At Leakin Park parkrun they hosted another takeover by Catonsville Moms Run This Town, including MRTT’s Couch to 5k graduation event. Becky was proud to celebrate her achievement with her family.




Sheila discovered parkrun earlier this year while living in Glasgow, Scotland. What good luck that when she returned home to New Jersey she found that Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun was opening nearby.




She wasn’t the only happy first-timer this week at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun. Rory Murphy has been a homeless parkrunner since moving from Maryland to New Jersey, and he spent much of the past year working to set up the new event.


He was so excited to run it himself for the first time that he didn’t mind stopping mid run for a selfie in the rain.


CP 2


At College Park parkrun Yancira Amaya enjoyed tailwalking with her daughter Janete, while cheering for her many friends who she has inspired to join every Saturday.




No barcode, no time
But you may still pet the puppy”


Foxy was a key member of this week’s volunteer crew at Roosevelt Island parkrun.


RI 2


Last weekend ultra-running celeb Mike Wardian was setting a record for the fastest known running of the 184-mile C&O Canal towpath. This week he settled for 5k and a post-parkrun park cleanup project at Roosevelt Island parkrun.




Fun morning together at Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun.




Run Director Tom Griffin led the run briefing on a lovely morning at Durham, NC parkrun.




Setting off for 2 laps around the pond at Jamaica Pond parkrun.




In Ann Arbor, MI the team that’s working to bring a parkrun to town did outreach by volunteering at a popular local race on Friday. The race director was so appreciative that he joined the group for their Saturday morning practice run and bought them coffee.




Running together is fun. South Boulder Creek parkrun.




See you next week. From one of the puddles at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.

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