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Twin Power

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Regular parkrunners know how hard it can be to get out of bed every Saturday morning week after week to do the event. But what if you are a 4-year-old twin and you rely on your other twin to also get up every Saturday so you can both achieve your 50 milestone in one year….?!


The Australians recently shared an adorable article about two little girls who reached this milestone and the family that supports them. We thought it would be something our US parkrunners would enjoy, too, so we’ve copied it here for you.




Meet Harriet and Phoebe Farrugia – 4-year-old twins (when they achieved their 50 milestone on Saturday) who have been motivated by the rest of their family to make parkrun a weekly affair for all 7 of them! Mel and Fernando Farrugia have 5 girls and they all do parkrun… But it was the youngest siblings who we think have made history by becoming the first 4-year-old twins to reach their 50 milestone together!


The Farrugia twins were super organized for parkrun from the very beginning – well before they could even take part! They began walking parkrun in the weeks prior to their 4th birthday in preparation for each collecting their very first token after crossing the finish line as soon as possible after they turned four.


This was a monumental occasion for them both with the girls’ first parkrun happening at Mount Barker parkrun on Saturday 23 September 2017, just 6 days after they turned 4! While Phoebe and Harriet have not always wanted to go to parkrun (especially on those very, very cold and rainy days through winter when BOTH still managed to go), they have loved getting new PBs along the way.




Being twins, they were very excited to celebrate their 50th parkrun milestone together on the weekend at their home parkrun, Mount Barker in South Australia. And even more excited to celebrate turning five just two days later on the Monday!


The whole family loves parkrun and the local Mount Barker community. They love being out with their family and know that just doing parkrun whether they run it or walk it, is great fun.


Congratulations on this historic occasion Harriet and Phoebe! And happy birthday too!



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