News - 31st October 2018

Our spookrun week in pictures, October 27th 2018


This was a weekend for interesting clothing choices across parkrun USA. For some it was the Halloween costumes, for others it was the protection from the nor’easter that blew through. Some did double duty. All had a fun start to the weekend.




A few raindrops weren’t going to stand in the way of the fun at College Park parkrun.




Happy 1st birthday to Moberly parkrun, which saw its largest crowd yet on a fine fall morning. With costumes and cake, for good measure.




“If nobody else will defend the world, then we must.”  Des Moines Creek parkrun




Watch your back at Renton Jurassic parkrun.




Turns out it’s a rather friendly T-Rex after all.




At Leakin Park parkrun they had a VERY friendly T-Rex.




Be careful when you open the parkrun gear cupboard. Des Moines Creek parkrun




At Jamaica Pond parkrun you could use a Red Sox cap to keep the rain out of your eyes. Or you could go for a more creative option.




This crayon was second finisher at Kensington parkrun. Perfect headgear choice.




How nice! Somebody chose to dress as a barkrunner at Mansfield OH parkrun. Oh, wait …




At Charleston WV parkrun co-Event Director Adam promised to lead the event in his unicorn outfit if any parkrunners came in costume. No way they could pass that one up.




This dragon was spotted at Joe Creason parkrun.




Double superheroes. One of these two ran his 248th parkrun, and the other volunteered for the 100th time at Livonia parkrun this week.




Safely emerging from the haunted forest at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun.




The nor’easter kept a lot of parkrunners at home under the covers, leading to some more intimate parkruns along the East Coast. After Fletcher’s Cove parkrun saw their most ‘select’ crowd ever, we know that everybody will be eager to hit the trail again next week.




One benefit of a small, rainswept crowd is that they fit easily in a selfie. Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun




Speaking of superheroes, big kudos to this week’s storm-swept volunteers, including Rune and Cari at Anacostia parkrun.


(psst: It’s Anacostia parkrun’s 1st birthday this week. The weather forecast shows a good chance of cake.)




After a very wet parkrun, the folks at Roosevelt Island parkrun dried off by making signs for their cheer station for Sunday’s Marine Corps Marathon.




Fortunately, the weather dried up in time for the marathon. They cheered runners up the largest hill on the course, shortly after the start. “Only 8 parkruns to go!”




With 106 finishers, Livonia parkrun saw their second highest turnout ever, thanks to a big crowd from Isbister School.


Records are less likely next week, as we suspect that a few Livonia parkrunners will want to check out the launch of Michigan’s second parkrun, Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor.




With views like this, there’s really no point in going indoors for the post-parkrun coffee at Aspen parkrun.




Meanwhile, at Heritage Harbor parkrun the breakfast place is closed for the winter, but they still lay on coffee for the parkrunners. Thank you!




The post-parkrun coffee and cake at Crissy Field parkrun are scary good.




More signs of Fall. It’s getting dark for the 7:30am start of Depot Park parkrun. The end of daylight savings will be welcome!




The tourists are back!


No, we’re not thinking of the influx of UK tourists at this week’s Clermont parkrun, a sure sign of school holidays. We’re thinking of Bill and Frances Post, parkrun USA’s most prolific tourists, who were happy to be back home this week. Bill celebrated by taking a turn as Run Director.




The storm had left by the time Durham, NC parkrun started, but it didn’t leave without a trace. So they used the alternate 3-loop course.




Beautiful fall colors at Renton parkrun




And the fall colors are still holding on at Eagan parkrun.




See you next week.





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