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Barkrunner profile- Dolly

Hey there everyone!  Foxy, barkrunner correspondent, here.  This week, I’m bringing you an interview with the awesome and well-traveled Dolly, currently of Delaware and Raritan Canal (D&RC) parkrun.  As you’ll see, Dolly has left her mark at lots of parkruns over the years!
Hi Dolly, tell me about yourself.
Dolly Murphy, age approximately 6 years and a few months. We’re not 100% sure what age I am as I’m a rescue dog and don’t know when I was born. I could say my life really started when my owners Clare and Rory brought me home on May 9th 2013, when I was a half grown puppy of 8-9 months. We’re also not sure what breed I am……I’ve been told I’m a mix of Staffy, Rotty, Bulldog and maybe some Boxer, but like people, it doesn’t matter what breed you are, just how you act.  
Like my owners, I’m an expat who woofs from West London originally, but now I live in Morris Plains, New Jersey, after a stint in Baltimore!  As a result, I’ve had a few home parkruns, starting at Bedfont Lakes in London, with stints at College Park and Leakin Park, and now I’m settled at D&RC parkrun.
So modest – I heard you have a paw in starting events!  What makes a great barkrun location?
Oh, the more events the better!  If you can start one where there are nice shallow lakes for paddling and a nearby cafe, then that’s just perfect!


That does sound like barkrun paradise! What else do you like about barkrun?


The bacon I get afterwards! And, of course, meeting new people and other barkrunners! I love people!  
Oooohhhh – bacon!  I can personally attest to the bacon yumminess at D&RC’s post-barkrun meet-up spot!  And FYI folks – dogs DO know certain treat treats are not REAL bacon!!!  Why play us like that?  Okay, back to D&RC barkrun – tell me, if other barkrunners are thinking of a visit, what should they know?
If you like a swim, the canal is a LOT deeper than it looks! There’s only one good spot for a paddle if, like me, you can’t swim. Also, the path is a bit narrow, so if you like playing with other dogs during the run, it’s not always ideal!
Basically, feet first, first time and mind your manners.  Got it!  So, how did you start running?
I started running seriously when my master Rory wanted someone to help him with his running. I figured I was faster than him and had twice the amount of legs so it would be easy…that wasn’t quite the case, but I still kept doing it as I get to explore new parks and routes with loads of new smells! I still can’t pace myself too well…I go off too fast and flag on the way home!
Oh, pacing is hard, but the run is so much easier if you don’t get carried away at the start!  Mommy has me start near the end of the line-up so I don’t get over-excited.  Though one time she tricked me and let me lead the pack to the start line.  I thought I would finally get to assume my proper role as pack leader and guide everyone on a nice jaunt around the course.  But no, she picked me up and said that we had the important role of run directing that day.  One day, though, one day! 
Anyway, that’s a nice segue into my next topic - barkrun volunteering.  What’s your fave role?
Oooh good question!  I used to like tailwalking at junior parkrun back in UK – the kids always loved it. I even had my own hi-viz! I also like helping out with the run brief – the Run Director always appreciates my echoes of their words to make sure everyone gets it (especially when my master does it – not everyone understands his Irish accent, so I have to interpret!). Oh, and I wrote the run report once:

Love it!  We puppies are great at spinning tales!  And spinning tails too! Get it?  Ah, I crack myself up sometimes!  Now, Dolly, besides barkrun, where else do you enjoy running, and what other activities are on your fave list?

Oooh that’s hard!  When I lived in England, I LOVED running around Windsor Great Park…….I was allowed off lead so I could run ahead or back if I wanted a paddle or to chase my mortal enemy…the EVIL squirrel. In Morristown, I’m a big fan of the Jockey Hollow part of Morristown Historic Park. So many smells!


As for other activities – stalking squirrels, chasing squirrels, staring at squirrels through the windows, glaring at squirrels to make them move off my patch.  And beyond that – eating, sleeping and cuddles with my Mistress Clare.




I can get behind all of that!  All right, lightning round time!


Favorite toy?  Well, most toys last about 5 minutes with me, sooooo – all of them?




Best trick? Gazing intently at my owners while they eat until they crack and sneak me some food. 


Preferred spot? Toss up between snoozing on the couch under the blankie and sitting at the door guarding against squirrels




Yummiest treat treat? Pig Ears. Mmmmmmmmmmm *droools*


Music you jam to? I’m not a rocker like Master Rory – give my some nice classical music any day


Who is your hero? Clare and Rory for rescuing me. But mainly Clare


Mommy’s girl too I see.  Fave superhero?  ScoobyDoo – hey, he counts OK? He solves crimes despite those humans dragging him down


Now you’ve got me craving some scooby snacks!  Ok, superpower you’d love? Invisibility, so I could sneak up on those dang squirrels!


Character you most relate to? Eddie from Frasier. What a guy!


What is your fave recovery fuel?  BACON! And lots of it


If you could drive a car, what would it be? Why would I want to drive? I have two dedicated chauffers thank you very much!


Cats – Yay or nay? Put it this way, I failed the “Cat test” at my rescue home, so what do you think? 


What would your human job be? Mattress and Couch tester


Which extracurricular activities would draw you in at a human school?  Does tennis ball chasing count?


Absolutely wonderful Dolly!  Is there anything else you’d like to share?


I’m getting treats for this, right?


I’ll see what I can do, but maybe you can help me with something too.  Your dad has connections to parkrun Global – I’d like an apricot barkrunner bandana – can we make that happen?


Hey – I’ve been hassling PSH [Paul Sinton-Hewitt - parkrun founder] and Tom Williams [parkrun Global Chief Operating Officer] for years to allow us our own barkcodes but no joy sadly….keep your paws crossed!




Will do!  Well, Dolly, it’s time for my walk.  Thank you so much for the good chat!  You are simply fabulous!

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