News - 28th November 2018

Barkrunner interview – Cooper


Hey y’all, Foxy here. This week, we are taking a trip to the middle of the country to meet cool pup Cooper from Livonia parkrun.


Cooper’s friend Lynn has been getting plenty of attention as our first 250-club member, but Cooper has been right there with Lynn for most of them.


Cooper, tell me about yourself.

I’m Cooper Dog, 9 years old. I’m part American Staffordshire Terrier, part Weimaraner, part Basset Hound, and part everything else — my 4th grandparent was so diverse, the lab could not make a call. Born in Detroit, Michigan, I live in Westland, Michigan and I run at Livonia parkrun.




What got you into running?

I started running seriously at 1 month of age when I ran away from home for some long-forgotten reason and was found on a sidewalk in Detroit by a cat lady.


Where is your favorite place to go running now?

parkrun is my favorite place to go running. I like parkrun because of the pack running and the bunnies.


Bunnies are the golden ticket, aren’t they! Any tips for barkrunners thinking of visiting Livonia parkrun?

Keep your paws off my bunnies.




I don’t know about that — finders keepers, losers weepers Cooper! But, we’ll negotiate that one off the record. For now, let’s move on — what’s your favorite parkrun volunteer role?

Giving the pre-run howl and lead dog.


Oh yeah, gotta make it memorable for those parkrunners! So, tell me, what other activities do you enjoy?

Aside from parkrun, I enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, napping, and ratting – but that is my job.


Ratting? Now that’s something I think I could get behind. The closest I’ve gotten to that is helping mommy escort a mouse out the house! Boy, was that a fun day!




Okay, before I let you go, let’s get to the lightning round of questions:


Favorite toy? The squirrels, rats, groundhogs, and bunnies that try to steal from my person’s garden.

Preferred spot in the house? Mom’s bed or the couch when no one is home.

Treat treat you find most divine? Never met one I did not like.

What song do you jam out to? With my beautiful voice, who needs music?

Who is your hero? Petey, the world’s most famous pitbull from “Lil Rascals”.  Or maybe Nipper made famous by the painting “His Master’s Voice” and whose image was used by RCA. I look just like Nipper.

Favorite superhero? Grandma — She leaves for the hunt all alone and returns with a car full of food. I don’t know why she doesn’t let me share the hunt, but I don’t want to fool with success.

Superpower you’d love? If I could have one superpower, it would be the human hand so I could open the fridge.

Character you most relate to? The aforementioned Petey because I love children. They are always dropping food on the ground.

What is your go-to recovery fuel?  As an opportunistic scavenger, I prefer road kill, but my person always shortens the leash so I can’t reach it.

Mine too! Darn them!  

If you could drive a car, what would it be? Why own a car when I have an in-house Uber guy?

Cats – Friends or Foes? Lunch, if I could catch one.

If you had a human job, what would it be? I would work for a pest extermination company as a rat removal specialist.

If you went to human school, which activities would you participate in? Lunch, recess, nap time.


Oh Cooper, you are super hilarious!  Thank you for giving me your time. Now, let’s go talk offline about those bunnies….




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