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Our parkrun week in pictures, December 1st 2018

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Did you know that parkrun USA set a new attendance record for a single day in December, last weekend? Given the weather, that’s an awesome statistic! But, you know, “neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the parkrunner from their appointed event….” And, it very much looks like there were some celebrations going on that no one wanted to miss!




This weekend, the Durham, NC parkrun community celebrated a very special milestone: Event Director Julie’s 100th parkrun. Julie’s milestone has taken her more than 10 years to accomplish, because she is such a devoted volunteer. Julie discovered parkrun at parkrun Brighton and Hove in the UK. Then when she moved back to the US she set about creating one of the first US parkruns for her new community, and by now has volunteered over 250 times.


On behalf of everyone at parkrun USA: congratulations, Julie, and thank you for everything you’ve done as a pioneer for the parkrun community.




A few weeks ago, Mayor Patrick of College Park, MD just edged out Mayor Duane of New Carrollton, MD to be the first mayoral member of the 50 club. But, he was definitely the first to offer congratulations this Saturday at College Park parkrun.




We celebrate a lot of milestones, but sometimes it’s just great to celebrate being together at parkrun. That’s what Terri and her friends were doing at Anacostia parkrun.




Sometimes we celebrate making new friends, as at Himmel parkrun Event #3.




Sometimes we celebrate courage and love. A group from a local company attended Roosevelt Island parkrun to dedicate their 5K to a colleague’s son facing a serious health issue – their T-shirts carried the message “Jeremy Strong.” While several in the group ran or walked, others were there for support and solidarity.




It was raining at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun, too, but there was plenty to celebrate. In addition to three PBs and two tourist first timers, the Marion County Chamber of Commerce was on hand to present a check to show their support for the role that parkrun is playing in building a happier and healthier community.




And, finally, sometimes we just celebrate another wonderful parkrun, no matter what the weather may bring.



Somewhere else where the wind and rain were making conditions a little tough? Crissy Field parkrun. But, the alternative course meant running past one of San Francisco’s most infamous sights – Alcatraz Island.




The rain couldn’t keep the smiles away at Depot Park parkrun in Gainesville, FL.




After a rainy parkrun, the crew from Charleston WV parkrun gathered at Mea Cuppa to dry out, process results, compare stories, and make new friends.




We love this view of a grey day at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor, where one high-vis hero is ready to get started. This is certainly a familiar sight to the timekeepers who brought you the “timed” part of our favorite free, weekly, timed 5K this weekend. Thank you, volunteers!




Mansfield OH parkrun had an unexpected visitor this weekend: a tree that fell across the trail sometime before Saturday morning. Luckily, it was easy to move the start/finish line so that Diana and Lisa could still finish their 50th parkruns.




Speaking of unexpected visitors, a group of tourists from Shrewsbury parkrun were planning to visit Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun in New Jersey this weekend, but when it had to cancel on Friday morning, they changed their plans at the last minute and drove to the next closest parkrun: Leakin Park parkrun, a mere 180 miles away in Baltimore, MD. They were welcomed with open arms, especially since they brought mince pies to share, as a special seasonal treat from England.




Another tourist who was warmly welcomed to a US event was Sarah Louise, from Walsall Arboretum parkrun. She ran at Des Moines Creek parkrun.




At Eagan parkrun, the snow is already on the ground and they were grateful to squeeze in a parkrun before the next storm.




Aspen parkrun wasn’t quite so lucky: they were closed this week because of weather concerns, so Event Directors Shelley & Jason and their family visited their nearest parkrun neighbor, South Boulder Creek parkrun, instead. It was an extra-exciting day, because daughter Edyn completed her first-ever parkrun!




At Deep Run parkrun, the weather was just fine, but they were preparing for the worst by trying out an alternative course for the first time. It certainly looks scenic and we hear that it’s a tiny bit flatter than the regular course!




Someplace it DEFINITELY wasn’t snowing? Clermont parkrun, where this high-viz hero seems to have her hands full with the post-event clean up. (Did you know that you can volunteer to help with set up or clean up and still participate in the parkrun?)




We love this view of the Fletcher’s Cove parkrun finish line. There’s no more welcoming sight than a bunch of high-vis heroes. But, would you be even more impressed to know that one of those volunteers holds the record for completing the most consecutive Boston Marathons: 51, starting in 1968? (That would be timekeeper Ben Beach, second from the right.)




A very small group of parkrunners have completed the “dateline challenge:” starting their morning with a parkrun (usually in Australia or New Zealand), before flying across the International Date Line to catch another parkrun on the West Coast of the US or Canada. This week, Chris became the latest person to complete the challenge, by running Queenstown parkrun in New Zealand and Crissy Field parkrun. His friend Roxie was a great source of advice: she completed the double last weekend (Cornwall Park parkrun, Auckland, NZ/Crissy Field parkrun).




Derek ran his first Kensington parkrun this weekend, because he thought it looked like fun. So, Stephanie and Paul decided to pull out the maracas and pom poms to show him just how much fun they have at parkrun every week.




Not to be outdone, Renton parkrun would like everyone to know that they have pom poms, too, AND the best turn-around marshals!



Leakin Park parkrun was going to the barkrunners this weekend. At least 5 pups accompanied their humans to parkrun. Here, Zola helps her dad, Doug, navigate the beautiful course.




While, at Renton parkrun, Baldr seems to be learning some new tricks. We think he might be in training to be a high-viz hero, because he is definitely working on his token-giving skills.




A big group from Beechview Elementary School, both kids and parents, turned out to take part in Livonia parkrun this weekend. We’re so glad that you could join us for your first ever parkruns.




And now we know what’s really at the end of the rainbow: a parkrun! Thank you for this beautiful shot, Crissy Field parkrun.


See you next week!

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