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Our parkrun week in pictures, December 8th 2018


About 10% of the parkrun participants this past weekend were between ages 4-18. Many more under 4 could be spotted in strollers, tottering around finish lines and in the arms of those waiting for other family members to complete a parkrun course. These young parkrunners and parkrunners in training are a joy to see at our events and bring smiles to the faces of those who witness their love for life (and parkrun). If you haven’t guessed already, this week’s roundup features some of our parkrun youth.




Though not yet old enough for a parkrun barcode, this 3 year old didn’t let that stop him from having a blast giving high fives and cheering “official” parkrunners on along the trail at College Park parkrun!




This young lady at Charleston WV parkrun coordinated her parkrun outfit to match her pup!




When you can’t yet walk or run, being snuggled up next to one you love at Crissy Field parkrun is the next best thing.




When you can walk, volunteer training commences. Here’s a high-viz hero in training at Anacostia parkrun.




This little lady was stylin’ at Crissy Field parkrun Saturday with her heart-shaped shades.




At Des Moines Creek parkrun, this little lady showed off the 10 cape she got to wear during parkrun to celebrate joining the youth 10 club! Congratulations!




At South Boulder Creek parkrun this young man sported his 10 shirt while running the course on Saturday.




Mansfield OH parkrun had a snowy course this weekend and that calls for warm and cozy snow suits!




Apparently they’re not just reserved for parkrun youth, as this Leakin Park parkrun volunteer proudly sported one to keep her warm while waiting for parkrunners at the finish.




The Aspen parkrun crew members were as giddy as kids on a snow day about their new course, which they used on Saturday.




There are always kids at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun. Here, the Davis family proudly posed as the new “kids” as it was their first time at the event. They usually parkrun in Australia.




Okay, Doug’s not technically a kid, but he’s got the energy of one, for sure! He marked his 50th time volunteering at parkrun on Saturday at Leakin Park parkrun. Way to go, Doug!




So we’re breaking from the theme with this one, too….but for good reason! Lisa hit the 100 milestone this weekend at College Park parkrun!




We love the huge smiles on the kids in this start line photo from Kensington parkrun! The Santa hats are a fun addition, too. We think we’ll be seeing more of those in the coming weeks.




Fletcher’s Cove parkrun is a great family outing!




Participating in parkrun also gives 11+ aged kids a bit of independence, like this solo runner at Crissy Field parkrun.




But it’s also (sometimes) cool to hang with an adult as seen here in a photo from Clermont parkrun.



It’ll be a while before baby Austin (born December 6 to proud parents Diarmuid and Susanna) will be parkrunning, but it’s thanks in part to his father Diarmuid (Dee) that parkrun took off in the DC region. While the family now lives in the UK, we look forward to meeting Austin when they come to the US for a visit.




See you next week, from Deep Run parkrun.

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