News - 20th December 2018

Our parkrun week in pictures, December 15th 2018


The one where we got rather wet and muddy, and enjoyed being with our parkrun friends all the more. This week saw our 1,000th free community-led 5k event of 2018. That’s what comes from getting out there every single week, and embracing whatever the elements have in store for us. Here are some of our favorite pictures and stories from this week’s parkruns.




You could just about tell the difference between the canal and the towpath at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.


This was the day when the Washington DC area broke the record for the rainiest year on record, with the help of the biggest ever winter rain storm in the region. How wet was it this year? London typically get 24 inches per year. DC is up to 64 inches and counting for 2018.




Leakin Park parkrun takes place in a beautiful valley, which means that heavy rains bring a lot of water. But if you thought that a partly washed out course would keep the LP parkrunners away, you haven’t been following along. This week they devised a QUADRUPLE out-and-back route to keep the parkrun, um, afloat.




We always share the parks and trails where we hold our parkruns. But somehow fewer people wanted to share with us this weekend. Kensington parkrun




After a wet parkrun at Durham, NC parkrun. Foster’s Market was the perfect place to dry out with friends.




At Anacostia parkrun tailwalker Val kept smiling though the rain.




The rain had stopped by parkrun o’clock at Charleston WV parkrun, but it had left the new course rather sodden. So they used their ‘old’ course instead, which follows higher ground.




Our roving reporter Janet thought she might find better weather in Florida. Well, at least the rain was warm at Clermont parkrun.




The rain wasn’t going to stop Greg Henion’s family celebrating his 50th parkrun at Deep Run parkrun. Better yet, his daughter joined him for her first ever parkrun.




Lucy and Violet could not have hoped for better weather at College Park parkrun.


Then, after 5k of joyful splashing with her friend, Lucy discovered that she was the 10,000th finisher at CP parkrun. Not a bad start to the weekend.




New volunteer role: drying the finish tokens. College Park parkrun




The beautiful boardwalk at Roosevelt Island parkrun took you through a magical misty forest this week.




Humans may have differing opinions on the joys of parkrunning in the rain. But barkrunners are unanimous: it’s awesome! Renton parkrun




Rain threatened at Depot Park parkrun, but it stayed away and parkrunners enjoyed a lovely December dawn.




If you wanted sun for your parkrun this week, then your best bet was in the Midwest. It was a beautiful morning with a path cleared through the snow at Eagan parkrun.




Chilly but definitely sunny at Moberly parkrun.




And with your mom as tailwalker, it’s a perfect time to take in a lap of the park at Himmel parkrun in Tucson, AZ.




Yeah, we understand. It can be hard to focus your attention on the pre-run briefing at Crissy Field parkrun.




Happy volunteer crew at Crissy Field parkrun.




Santa hats and jingle bells, plus treats provided by the community at Mansfield OH parkrun.




Even when it’s a little chilly, wrapping up and volunteering at parkrun is a great way to start the weekend. Des Moines Creek parkrun




Jarlath wasn’t setting any PBs this week at Jamaica Pond parkrun. That’s because he was pulling a big 50-balloon behind him for his two laps of the pond.




These two recent junior 10-clubbers were proudly wearing their milestone shirts at Kensington parkrun.




Ryan normally does his parkruns in England, but he chose South Boulder Creek parkrun as a special venue for his 50th.




Oops. First-timer Brennan had a little difficulty finding the start at Renton parkrun, so he spotted the entire field a minute or two. No worries, he caught and passed everybody and was first finisher.




Let’s do this again next week! Mansfield OH parkrun




Whether it’s sunny …




… or not so sunny, we’re still so happy to see you every Saturday at parkrun.


See you next week.


Mountain Goat Trail parkrun … obviously







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