News - 3rd January 2019

Our New Years parkrunning in pictures


It was a fantastic start to our 2019 year of parkrunning. 3 times as many New Years parkrunners as in 2018, 5 times as many did a NY “double” parkrun. It’s wonderful to start the new year with your local parkrun community, and even better when different parkrun communities can meet up to celebrate. And yet sometimes the most inspiring stories are of people who only completed part of the course.




With 243 finishers, College Park parkrun set an attendance record, and one of the largest ever fields at a US parkrun.


47 were doing their first ever parkrun – welcome! And 43 were doing their second parkrun of the day, having already completed Kensington parkrun or Leakin Park parkrun.




Four generations on the trail at College Park parkrun. Xander wore the loosest fitting 50-shirt we’ve yet to see, and was on his second parkrun of the day already. His mom Tara was surprised to receive the parkrunner of the month award. Grandma Janet took a break from setting PBs to help Great-Grandma Ellie, who walked most of the 5k pushing her own wheelchair. Ellie, aged 85, was quite a runner in her day, when that was not a typical women’s sport. So inspiring.




It doesn’t matter how much of the 5k you complete. The Clermont parkrun family was so happy to see this mother-daughter pair join them on the trail to start the year.




Happy crowd at Depot Park parkrun, where they enjoyed the later New Years start time and welcomed a group of doublers from Clermont parkrun.




Carpool Karaoke en route from Livonia parkrun to Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor, where most participants were taking part in Michigan’s first New Years double.




More parkrun communities coming together. These are just some of the Leakin Park parkrun crew who started the day at their home parkrun then made the journey to College Park parkrun.




After an unusually cold and wet Fall, there was excitement about the unusually mild New Years weekend at Jamaica Pond parkrun, where they saw non-Boston-Marathon-weekend record crowds on Saturday and then again on Monday.




Enjoying the downhill at Kensington parkrun. Susan started the day with a PB at Kensington. Then headed down the road to Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, where she set her second PB of the day. 


How does she do it? Susan: “I’m so uplifted by the folks around me, giving me encouragement, the hugs when we see each other on a Saturday morning.”




These two also did the Kensington parkrun - Fletcher’s Cove parkrun double. Stephanie chose the double volunteering version, by first scanning barcodes, and then tailwalking. Henry did the first one pushed by dad, and the second pushed by mom.




Rian celebrated completing her parkrun goal for 2018, by doing 25 runs at Leakin Park parkrun. Even better that many of them were completed with Lisen.




If you do 25 parkruns per year, it’ll take you just 10 years to earn one of these. First sighting of a home-grown 250 shirt, at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor.




New Years Resolution for Kensington parkrun: bid farewell to this “water feature” that appears four times in their route. Thanks to the county parks department, parkrunners had the option of taking a side path that had been cleared through the woods, or splashing through the unseasonably warm water.




It’s not only humans who got to enjoy New Years Double parkrunning. Martina, a regular at Leakin Park parkrun, got to revisit her old stomping ground at College Park parkrun. There she met up with our barkrunner correspondent Foxy, a Roosevelt Island parkrun regular, who was doing the Kensington-College Park double. So much fun!




Another way to enjoy barkrunning. Kensington parkrun




Festive feel at Jamaica Pond parkrun.




Big crowd for the New Years parkrun at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, where they welcomed many friends from across the river at Roosevelt Island parkrun, where they’re hoping that their park will reopen soon after the government shutdown.




All smiles at Renton parkrun. It was their second special New Years event, but the first one where they could welcome visitors from their sister event at Des Moines Creek parkrun.






See you next Saturday. And the Saturday after that. And the one after that. Happy New Year!


Durham, NC parkrun







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