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Our parkrun week in pictures, January 5th 2019

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More people registered for parkrun within the past week in the US than ever before. That means we welcomed over 600 new parkrunners into the fold, many of whom came out to join our regulars and events on Saturday. The saying “The more, the merrier” certainly holds true for the parkrun community, which is reflected in this week’s set of photos from our events across the country.


Aspen parkrun had snow but a mostly clear course and plenty of sun, making sunglasses a necessary part of the morning’s garb.




The Moberly parkrun crew was split 50/50 on how to deal with the sunshine- sunglasses or squinting!




What’s that? The SUN at South Boulder Creek parkrun!




Yup, there it is again at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun!




Mansfield OH parkrun had double suns Saturday- the one in the sky and the one in the mural behind this smiling crew!




Durham, NC parkrun didn’t have rain this week but they had plenty of leftover mud that graced the backsides of the runners. They’ve affectionately termed those who manage to splatter great amounts of mud on themselves “mud butts”.




Eagan parkrun shared this sad photo to their Facebook page to let people know that their course wasn’t safe enough for parkrunning this week. We’re hoping they get some sun in the next week to melt the ice before Saturday!




These two at Crissy Field parkrun know it’s more fun to run when you have company!




It’s also more fun to be married to someone who loves parkrun as much as you do! Congratulations to Leanne and Nathan from Leeds (UK) who got married on Dec 30th, spent 5 days in NYC on their honeymoon and had to visit Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun while they were in the US.




Samantha enjoyed a run with her dad at College Park parkrun, and we appreciate the care she took to safeguard her barcode in a plastic holder on a lanyard while doing so. #DFYB!




Lucy sported her 10 shirt at Des Moines Creek parkrun while running with her dad, David.




What could be better than running with your kid, a friend’s kid AND a barkrunner? Being able to keep up with all 3 like Andres at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.




Sometimes it’s fun to match your running companion at Clermont parkrun.




It’s always a good idea to stretch before you run, like this father-daughter duo at Renton parkrun. Dad AJ said he was happy to have Ava (7) run with him for her first 5K on Saturday, but he really hopes he can get the rest of his crew (4 teenage boys and one teenage daughter) to come out to participate. His solution? Ask them to come to parkrun for his birthday!




At Livonia parkrun, Bobby was very excited as it was the first time he has ever finished ahead of his Dad!




Jamaica Pond parkrun may have had cold temperatures and rain, but that didn’t stop this father-son team from making the most of the morning.




Alison was a volunteer this week at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor and brought along a special helper.




It looks like Ryan and Cheyenne enjoyed their 2nd parkrun experience at Livonia parkrun on Saturday.




At Mansfield OH parkrun this father-son team was prepared for the elements!




Tandi and son Colton were first-timers at Renton parkrun this week and they pulled double-duty as set-up and break-down volunteers AND got a run in, too! They’ve already signed up again for next weekend.




Check out this well-synchronized trio at Anacostia parkrun!




The Moms Run This Town crew at Leakin Park parkrun enjoyed the culmination of their training by completing parkrun as their goal 5K. It looks like the Moms and daughters all enjoyed the experience.




At College Park parkrun they had so many 50 milestones to celebrate that they ran out of sashes!




At Durham, NC parkrun Richard celebrated his 50th…




While at Durham parkrun Gordon wanted to note a mid-milestone occasion with a few magnets, a piece of paper and a sharpie. Only 50 to go until your next official parkrun shirt!




This week there were several parkrun US leadership team members and frequent volunteers who visited other events around the country. Here’s our parkrun US Country Manager Darrell with co-Event Director and parkrun USA Ambassador Daniel at Clermont parkrun.




Colin, parkrun US Communications Lead, parkrun US Ambassador and co-ED of College Park parkrun dropped in at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun and snapped a shot with Rory, parkrun US Ambassador and ED who starts a parkrun everywhere he lives.





Our Mansfield OH parkrun EDs and parkrun US Ambassadors Karen and Steve visited Mansfield QLD parkrun in Australia and snapped a photo with the EDs there.




As Roosevelt Island parkrun was canceled due to the government shut down (the course is in a national park) ED Joyce (also a parkrun USA Ambassador) participated at Anacostia parkrun and had a blast with ED Jennifer, instead.




Michael from Roosevelt Island parkrun joined the high-viz volunteer team at Charleston WV parkrun this week!




We ALMOST didn’t recognize parkrun USA barkrunner profiler Eden of Roosevelt Island parkrun without her trusty sidekick, Foxy, but here she is at Leakin Park parkrun as tail walker!




Speaking of barkrunners, we’re glad both owner and pup are take the “6ft leash” rule seriously at Des Moines Creek parkrun.




We also appreciate the pups that help keep our parks clean like Leo at Renton parkrun.




See you next week!



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