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Our parkrun week in pictures, January 12th 2019


Another parkrun is in the record books, but, as always, we’re left with great memories to cherish. Across parkrun USA, we celebrated anniversaries, milestones, friendships, and being outside. We welcomed new parkrunners and prepared to welcome a new parkrun. And, we even had some parkrunners turn up in a limousine, dressed to the nines!


We’ve seen some pretty great jumping shots from our parkruns, but we were excited to spot this rare team jump at Renton parkrun. We hope that everyone had as much fun at their parkrun this week as Clare and Derek.




Neighboring Des Moines Creek parkrun has a pretty good jumping game, too.




Over in Washington, DC, Fletcher’s Cove parkrun celebrated their third anniversary. It was a wonderful celebration of parkrun in the DMV (that’s DC-Maryland-Virginia) region, bringing old and new friends together from several area parkruns. Dan had the honors of blowing out the candles, since it was also his birthday.




Fletcher’s Cove parkrun started a local parkrun movement that has grown to include 6 locations in and around Washington, DC. Between them, the DC-area parkruns have now organized 555 events. 8,000 individuals have completed 29,000 parkruns, supported by 1,000 individuals who have volunteered on 5,000 occasions. That’s a huge impact for one little towpath and well worth celebrating!




Terry Hershey parkrun in Houston officially launches next week, but they had fantastic turnout at their final “dry run” in preparation. Will you be part of the crowd that helps welcome parkrun to Texas on January 19?




Maggie is a running legend in the Detroit area, running 170 marathons in the past 20 years. A recent hip replacement has slowed her times but not her spirit. We are glad she discovered Livonia parkrun. Welcome, Maggie!




More first timers! Joe and Frank arrived in a limousine and snazzily dressed for their first parkrun – this was the result of losing Fantasy Football apparently. They certainly brightened things up at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun. We hope you’ll be back and definitely can’t wait to see how you’ll top these outfits.




There was snow in the middle of the US, which resulted in several parkrun cancellations. But, not at Heritage Harbor Ottawa parkrun, where volunteers Pierre, Sean, and Barbara made sure that the heartiest parkrunners had an event to attend.




At Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun, it looks like they enjoyed the snow! Dare we say, though, that this pup was “dog tired” after his parkrun? Or maybe he just wanted to make snow angels?




The light dusting of snow at Mansfield OH parkrun is deceptive, because the temperature at parkrun o’clock was only 24 degrees. Still, when even the local dinosaur knows to put on a extra layer, there’s no reason not to parkrun.




But, sometimes, you just want to get out of the snow. In Colorado, Aspen parkrun Event Directors Shelley and Jason met up with Roosevelt Island parkrun Event Director Nick and Run Director Rosemary, who were in town for a ski holiday. We’re sure they had a fabulous time swapping parkrun stories. And congratulations to Jason, who volunteered at his 25th parkrun this weekend.




They were super excited to be back in business at Eagan parkrun and completing their first parkrun of 2019, after dangerously icy trails required three event cancellations in a row. This week, they ran their winter course and, thanks to Marshal TK, everyone made it made it back to the finish.




Another event that’s cancelled three times now is Roosevelt Island parkrun, where the ongoing government shutdown has prevented them from accessing the National Parks-owned island. But, some of the parkrunners got together on Sunday at their usual coffee shop anyway to catch up (and work on this photo roundup!). We always knew that it wasn’t actually about the 5K, but about the amazing friends that you make at parkrun.




Elsewhere in the DC-area, Finn ran his 10th parkrun at College Park parkrun, and his whole family was there to celebrate with him. Finn, we can’t wait to see your new milestone shirt!




Another milestone celebration took place a few miles up the road at Leakin Park parkrun. Here, Tony and Iman represent as the founding members of the LP 50-run club. But, we’re pretty sure that they’ll have company soon….




Guess where it wasn’t cold OR snowing? Florida! Ellen and James were visiting from Peterborough parkrun for Disney Marathon weekend and look like they were loving the warmer weather.




Meanwhile, at Depot Park parkrun, it looks like the high vis hero team found a great location for carb loading and coffee.




Have you ever wondered how the results get from the stopwatch and scanner (or phone, if your parkrun uses the app) to your inbox? If you were at Renton parkrun this weekend, then you might have been lucky enough to find out! (Seriously, if you’re wondering, ask your friendly, local Run Director or Event Director – they’d be happy to show you how things work.)




At Mountain Goat Trail parkrun, Kerline and Em did a great job as tailwalkers.




While this mom managed to navigate the Crissy Field parkrun course with a double stroller! Always an impressive feat and a great precaution when future parkrunners are still training to be able to do the whole course on their own.




Danielle looks like she was having a great time at Deep Run parkrun, in Richmond, Virginia. Fun fact: Danielle finished 12th at her 12th ever parkrun this week. (And congratulations, as well, to Victoria, who volunteered at her 25th parkrun this weekend at Deep Run.)




Another fun fact: EVERY parkrun is better when you cheer or are cheered on by your fellow parkrunners. We have a LOT of photographic evidence that these ladies were brightening up Jamaica Pond parkrun for everyone this week! If you haven’t tried cheering during your parkrun, you should try it – it’s amazing how much fun it can be.




We absolutely love photos of people celebrating at parkrun. We all know and share the joy that comes with being outside and active, as part of an amazing community. Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor, you might be one of our newest events, but it’s clear that you’re already changing and improving lives in your community.




It was sleeting at the start of Durham, NC parkrun on Saturday, but that didn’t deter 36 parkrunners, including 8 who earned PBs. And, Event Director Julie got to run this week, which is always a great sign of a great volunteer team.




See you next week! Courtesy of Jamaica Pond parkrun, who tried out their new pacing bibs this week…




And a few friendly barkrunners from Des Moines Creek!


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