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Our parkrun week in pictures January 19th 2019


We meet up every single week, so we get to really experience the seasons. A number of events had to cancel due to ice, while others were celebrating birthdays and milestones in a snowstorm. We welcomed Texas’s first parkrun, and because everything’s bigger in Texas, we’re already planning for more. Here are some of our favorite pictures and stories from across parkrun USA this weekend.




“At the Terry Hershey parkrun inaugural with someone who took a bus from Dallas (5 hours), someone who drove from Austin (3 hours), someone who lives around the corner, two people who are working to start others in Texas.”


Janet was having such a good time celebrating her 100th parkrun that she didn’t even mention that she had traveled in from Missouri for the occasion.




Gabby did her first ever Livonia parkrun on Thanksgiving, and less than 2 months later she was already celebrating her 10-parkrun (junior) milestone. Speedy!


Shortly after this picture was taken, the tent blew away in the snowstorm.




A little snowstorm wasn’t going to stand in the way of Mansfield OH parkrun celebrating its second birthday, together with 50-milestones for Kelly and Karen.




They were parkrunning in the same snowstorm at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor.




At College Park parkrun the parkrun Weather Fairy smiled on them, and cleared enough of the snow and ice that had covered the trail all week. They used the special Visit Hump Often course, which passed this spot six times. 


Hump normally counts the parkrunners as they pass, and then messages down the trail to wife Lisa how many to expect. “This week I didn’t even try counting.”




Maryland’s two other parkruns, Leakin Park parkrun and Kensington parkrun both still had too much ice to go ahead, so a number of refugees took the short trip over to College Park to join in the fun.




At the new Depot Park parkrun in Gainesville, FL they’re starting to see their first official parkrun milestones earned. In the past two weeks 6-year old Alfonso and his 4-year old brother Frankie have both joined the 10-club. We’re looking forward to seeing them in their free 10-shirts soon.




At Himmel parkrun in Tucson, AZ they described it as a brisk morning. By Arizona standards, that is.


parkrun is a great place to meet new friends, for humans and barkrunners alike.




The rain poured and poured and poured at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun, so some people stayed home. 


Jonathan was pretty pleased with his morning, though. All of his previous parkruns have been at Bushy parkrun in London, the original parkrun. Since 2008 his lowest finish position had been 177th. This week he drove 3 hours from Atlanta and was first finisher. Nice!




The snow was so deep this week at Heritage Harbor Ottawa parkrun that running was out of the question for most people. It took everyone about twice as long as usual to cover the course. But what a feeling to make it around the frozen harbor.




The rains cleared up for just long enough to let everyone have a great time at Des Moines Creek parkrun.




Creative use of snow and straw to make a turnaround marker at South Boulder Creek parkrun.




Enjoying the ride at Crissy Field parkrun.




Listen up! 


Larger than usual crowd at Anacostia parkrun. Partly because their trail had the least snow of any DC-area parkrun. And partly because of refugees from Roosevelt Island parkrun, who are still waiting out the government shutdown.




But a government shutdown couldn’t stop the Roosevelt Islanders doing good in their community. Monday morning they  were out on the banks of the Potomac  in 10-degree (F) weather, clearing up debris as a Martin Luther King Day service activity.




Finishing by the Kanawha River at Charleston WV parkrun.




Start-line selfie at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun.




Last week Emma did her first parkrun at Des Moines Creek parkrun. This week she brought along her friend Emilia.




At Fletcher’s Cove parkrun the trail was open, but rather slushy. Run director Shafick warned parkrunners to choose another day for a PB attempt.




Most people heeded the advice, though 5 couldn’t resist setting a PB in the slush.




Warming up with friends following Jamaica Pond parkrun in Boston.




The women of Livonia parkrun.




Happy birthday to Mansfield OH parkrun. Thanks to the City of Mansfield for providing a warm, dry space to meet up right next to the park.




At Renton parkrun Cam got to wear the purple super-hero cape, to mark her 25th time volunteering. The purple hat with mouse ears is a special added touch of her own.




It was Sree’s first parkrun, but she already got to feel the warm vibe at Renton parkrun.




See you next week, from  Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.


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