News - 30th January 2019

Our parkrun week in pictures, January 26th 2019


This week Crissy Field parkrun turned four and other parkrunners gathered to mark milestones, birthdays and other special occasions. Some events had to cancel due to extreme cold, but where participants were able to gather, they were warmed by cheers and post parkrun café stops. Some parkrunners gathered not only Saturday morning but at other times during the week to spend time with their parkrun friends. Livonia parkrun threw a parkrun evening party, and some of the College Park crew traded their workout gear for formal wear as they collected an award from their community. Here’s this week’s roundup of our favorite pictures and stories to get you excited for next Saturday!




At Anacostia parkrun they found a great way to spend a morning: a good parkrun/walk followed by good coffee and conversation. Thanks to the super friendly staff at Hype Cafe for accommodating each Saturday.




South Boulder Creek parkrun matched its January attendance record with a good group on a chilly Saturday morning.




Congrats to Elliott who ran his 50th parkrun (and all 49 prior) at College Park parkrun!




Happy 4th birthday to Crissy Field parkrun. What could be a better way to celebrate turning four than to have a piece of cake while looking forward to the year ahead? Definitely a rhetorical question…




Here are barkrun volunteer Moose and his human Lindy at Deep Run parkrun. They enjoyed cheering a lively group of 42 parkrunners this week.




Ah, the excitement of a brand new 25 volunteer T-shirt! Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun.




Congratulations to College Park parkrun! They received the 2018 Chair’s Award from the College Park Community Foundation for the event’s impact on thousands of community members. We love that the team comes from such different backgrounds. Almost none of them knew each other before they started, but they all enjoy helping to create a healthy, inclusive community every week. “We couldn’t be more pleased that parkrun is a point of pride for the local community,” said the College Park parkrun team.




It doesn’t matter how much of the course you’re able to complete.


On a chilly morning in the teens Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun welcomed a first timer with physical challenges who was happy to cover just part of the course. The volunteers were delighted to accompany him, and inspired by his efforts.




Durham, NC parkrun were back to their two loop course this week. Is that smile for the finish or the end of loop one?




Pirates from Roosevelt Island parkrun served as marshals at “Roosevelt Cove” parkrun this weekend (formerly known as Fletcher’s Cove parkrun. The RI crew “took over” FC as their own course was still held hostage to the government shutdown.




Runners, walkers, and barkrunners all got into the pirate spirit as Fletcher’s Cove parkrun conceded to the invasion from Roosevelt Island parkrun. Thankfully, it was all fun and games and all 84 finishers, including a whopping 23 first timers, survived walking the plank.




parkrun USA Country Manager Darrell Stanaford and his wife Svetlana caught up with friends at Jamaica Pond parkrun while visiting family in Boston. He had run with James last week at Anacostia parkrun. Simon is an old DC parkrun friend who is hoping to bring parkrun to New Hampshire. And Rick is an old friend who now regularly runs and volunteers at JP. #bigparkrunfamily




What better way to celebrate your golden birthday (turning 26 on the 26th) than realizing that it is also your 26th parkrun taking place on the 26th of January? Congratulations, Margaret! Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun.




After their event director and dedicated volunteers checked the course for safety, Leakin Park parkrun was declared a go, and 8 finishers and 10 volunteers were able to complete event #81.




Warm applause was provided to all from the marshals at College Park parkrun.




Snow, ice, and bitter cold required an alternative course at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor, but at least it was on the side of the park closest to their post-parkrun coffee for a catch-up spot.




The Livonia parkrun crew continued their Saturday morning fun well into the evening as they held their first ever parkrun fowling party. Over 30 people attended and had a terrific time out of the cold, bonding and seeing each other not in running clothes for a change.




One Aussie parkrunner experienced her first time running in the snow at Mansfield OH parkrun on Australia Day. Thanks Angela, for choosing a slightly colder day in Ohio to celebrate your country’s day.




Everyone is welcome at Renton parkrun especially first time run directors!




The temperature was around 30 degrees F Saturday morning at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun but there were glimpses of the sun and no rain — finally — so there were no complaints. Their dedicated winter crowd enjoys and appreciates each and every one who comes out regardless of what mother nature has thrown at them.




It was a bit warmer in Houston where they welcomed locals and visitors at Terry Hershey parkrun’s second event.




It was not only warmer, but the sun was shining for week two at parkrun USA’s newest event, Terry Hershey parkrun. They’re looking forward to weeks three, four… well, every week of free, timed runs/walks! See you next week!

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