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Barkrunner profile – Random of Mansfield, OH

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Hey Foxy’s friends!  Ready for another great barkrunner interview?  This week, I’d like to introduce you to my new gal pal Random, who rocks the course at Mansfield parkrun!
Random, what do we need to know about you?  
My name is Random Hope, and I celebrated my first birthday on November 14th.  I’m kind of a tomboy, not much of a girly girl.  I am a mini goldendoodle, and the poodle is strong in me.  I’m smart, and I love to make new friends.  Mom says I am kind of a diva, but I just know what I like. I live in Mansfield, Ohio, where we go to parkrun as many Saturdays as possible.
Diva, schmiva – listen to your elder here – there is nothing wrong with a girl knowing what she wants and pushing toward it!  Now, is there a story behind that beautiful name?
My human brother, Drew, named me after the main character’s daughter in the book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Our breeder had named me Hope. Mom says the world needs more Random Hope. I am doing my best to live up to that!
So sweet and true!  All of us puppies can do our part to make the world a better and happier place.  Speaking of happy places, let’s talk barkrunning – how did you get started doing that?
Mom started taking me to parkrun when I was about five months old so that I could practice the manners I was learning at puppy school.  My vet wants me to wait until I am a year old to start running long distances, but I totally tear it up in my backyard and in the field near my house.  I especially love doing figure 8 sprints around the house in the evenings when I get the zoomies. Mom and I have started doing some intervals when we are tailwalking/tailwagging. And I love to sprint for the finish line when everyone is cheering for me!
random running and smiling
I love the people who come to parkrun. I see them running in my neighborhood sometimes, and I recognize them right away. I also love when we see our friends who are super speedy heading back in on the out and back path. I get inspired when I see them running so fast and I start running too!
Yeah, the always friendly parkrunners and those finish line cheers make barkruns extra special!  And I hear you give back the love by volunteering – what is your favorite role?
I have volunteered more than 20 times so far and most of the time, I am tailwagging with Mom. I like tailwagging and being the course marshal the best because I get to see everyone on the trail while I check out all the good smells and spend time exercising with my mom. Sometimes we do tokens or scanning but it is kind of boring for me. Once I helped Mom with timing, but I hit the wrong button on the timer and so I think I’d better stick to the trail!
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Ha! Yes, mishaps happen to all of us, but I’m sure you will get it right the next time!  So, what else do you like to do?
There is a big field near our house, and I love when Mom lets me off my leash so I can stretch my legs. I am like a gazelle, romping across the savannah. Or something like that. I also love taking long walks in our neighborhood so I can make new friends and see people who I already love. I like going to cross country and soccer events and watching the athletes. I love to snuggle and give kisses.
Tell me about Mansfield – I’m pushing for a road trip. What should a puppy do there?
There is so much to do outdoors near Mansfield … Mohican State Park, Malabar Farm, Lake Erie. It is also fun to hang out in Downtown Mansfield. There is an awesome coffee shop called Relax and you can hang out on the patio at the Phoenix Brewing Company and listen to live music at the Brickyard on Final Fridays. I am also a big fan of my friends at Animal Medical Center, where I go to doggy daycare and play with my dog friends!
All of that sounds so fun!  Now, time for the lightning round!
Fave toy? I play a mean fetch. Like, I could play
Best party trick? I give high fives. 
Whoa, you’ll have to teach me that!  
Best spot at home?  Tough one … I love snuggling with Mom on the couch, but I also like hanging out by our big windows watching the neighborhood action.
Yummiest treat treat? Peanut butter. Lots and lots of peanut butter.
Who is your hero?  Zack Steffen, the Columbus Crew and USMNT goalie. He sure can catch a ball. I got to see him play at Pups on the Pitch in May and it was awesome! 
Character you relate to? Dug, from Up. I would totally hide under the porch because I love you.  
What is your go-to recovery fuel? Did I mention peanut butter? 
Your dream car? A convertible. Love that wind blowing my fuzzy floppy ears around!
Cats – Friends or Foes?  I love cats. My best cat friend, Catrick Swayze, lets me lick his ears.
Catrick Swayze? That’s awesome! Nobody puts baby in the corner! 
Okay, human job that would fit you best? Probably a lawyer. Mom says I like to have the last word.
Extracurricular activities you would do if puppy school had them? Cross country, of course! I’d probably be on Student Council, making friends and getting things done.
Fantastic! You are simply divine Random! Thank you so much for chatting with me. Keep rocking that Mansfield course!
random in snow shoes 2

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