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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 2nd, 2019


On Super Bowl Sunday we bring you the fans of parkrun — the friends, family, and volunteers who are excited to start the weekend with you. This week we enjoyed wintry scenes, Groundhog Day achievements, repatriated pirates, and more. Enjoy!




The volunteers at Renton parkrun shared Cam’s joy at her PB.




At College Park parkrun the Ridge family achieved an impressive quadruple milestone. For his 10th parkrun Calvin borrowed his big sister Violet’s white milestone shirt. For her 50th parkrun Violet borrowed dad Clark’s red milestone shirt. For his part, Clark earned his black 100 shirt *and* his purple shirt for volunteering 25 times. As if that wasn’t enough to celebrate, it was Violet’s 10th birthday this weekend, too.




We have the BEST fans at parkrun. At Des Moines Creek parkrun Selena ran with her dad Stacy to set a PB. Then they ran back to cheer in mom Domenica to a PB of her own.




A few miles away at Renton parkrun twins Jack and Owen ran the 5k together, then cheered in their parents.




If you’re a walker at Anacostia parkrun you’ll find a wonderful supporter in Val.




At College Park parkrun Calvin and Violet’s mom is their greatest fan, and she designed this awesome cake for their quadruple milestone.




At Clermont parkrun Michelle brought her fan club – daughters Breanna and Olivia.




For spectators at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun the best seats in the house are free.




At Durham, NC parkrun Ari’s booster was Mark. He cheered her to a PB on her birthday.




The first finisher at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun was welcomed by his adoring fans.




First-timer Jodie: “I’m not typically a runner.”

Then you’ll fit right in!

Mountain Goat Trail parkrun




At Kensington parkrun Angela finished in the same time, 32:58, in the same position, 12th, in 2 consecutive weeks. In parkrun trivia that’s known as a Golden Groundhog. Go figure.

So what is it called if you do this on February 2nd, Groundhog Day?




At Depot Park parkrun Joel achieved another Golden Groundhog (27:15, 6th, 2 weeks in a row), on Groundhog Day.

But on this rainy morning in Gainesville, FL we’re not sure that anybody saw their shadow.




There were shadows to be seen on a sunny, snowy morning at Leakin Park parkrun. But this, er, groundhog-like creature was looking in the wrong direction.




The view as parkrunners started to gather for Clermont parkrun in Florida.




Also sunny, but a little colder as parkrunners at Kensington parkrun tested out their nice new course.

The parkrunners of Kensington have outfoxed the Very Large Puddle for now, and the new route is still close to their favorite post-parkrun coffee spot.




At Heritage Harbor Ottawa parkrun it was so cold that the Run Director turned into a snowman.




“This is the coldest day I’ve ever seen.”

On a day when winter weather closed half of the parkrun events in the UK, parkrun tourist Stuart got to enjoy some pretty winter parkrunning at Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore, MD.




At Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor the snow and ice were even deeper on their regular course. So they practiced their math skills on their alternate 6-lap course.




Jen did not get to be the most seasoned female parkrunner in the country by staying home through the Michigan winters. This week she ran for the 205th time, all at Livonia parkrun.




These volunteers nailed their debuts at Livonia parkrun. Scott tried his hand as Run Director for the first time. Kylie and Garrett had never been to parkrun before, but contacted the team to offer to help as volunteers on their first visit. Thanks guys!




This carpet of fresh snow looked *so* inviting at Mansfield OH parkrun.




Nobody was surprised to see a good covering of snow at Aspen parkrun, where they are loving their new course.




It was more surprising that there was not much snow at South Boulder Creek parkrun. It was warm enough that lots of the parkrunners brought out the shorts.




The snow was clearly beating a retreat at Moberly parkrun, where they were happy to return after some weeks of unsafe conditions for parkrunning.




The morning rain kept many at home at Crissy Field parkrun, but the parkrunners who came out were treated to spectacular light and views.




Faridah blazed a trail on her first outing at Himmel parkrun in Tucson, AZ.




These pirates were so happy to reclaim their lost territory at Roosevelt Island parkrun, now that the government shutdown is over.




Enjoying the out-and-back trail route for the third running of Terry Hershey parkrun in Houston, TX.




Thawing out with friends after Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.




See you next week, from Himmel parkrun.


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