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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 9th 2019


Every parkrun weekend is special, of course, but we especially love welcoming new events to the parkrun USA family. That’s just one of the stories in our highlights from this weekend across parkrun USA.


There’s something magical about the moment that a parkrun stops being an idea and turns into a living, breathing community. Congratulations, Rec Plex North parkrun (Pensacola, FL) on an amazing inaugural and a huge welcome to over 200 people who completed their first ever parkrun at RPN this weekend!




Rec Plex North parkrun wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the University of West Florida, who are proud to be the first university in North America to host a parkrun on their campus. And we can’t wait to share the amazing new trail with the entire campus & Pensacola communities. (Photo credit: University of West Florida)




From what we can see, Rec Plex North parkrun is a walker’s paradise. The scenery couldn’t be better and more than a quarter of the field completed their parkrun in over 50 minutes.


recplexnorth_20190209_rory shauna robin_web


We are grateful to the teams that work so hard to bring a new parkrun to life. Robin, your entire team should be so proud of what you have accomplished. And, we’re glad that Rory, parkrun USA ambassador, and Shauna, Event Director at Depot Park parkrun, could show their support in person.


runpensacola_20190209_run briefing_web


If you build it…they will come. Rec Plex North parkrun set a huge new attendance record for an inaugural parkrun USA event with 226, smashing the old record of 166.


rooseveltisland_20190209_whiteboard welcome RPN_web


Meanwhile, at Roosevelt Island parkrun, they were excited to welcome our newest event. These Whiteboard Welcomes have turned into a great parkrun USA tradition and remind us that we’re all one parkrun family.


clermont_20190209_sabra harvey_web


There was a LOT of parkrun news in Florida this weekend. At Clermont parkrun, Sabra Harvey set a new national age grade record at 102.9%, adding to a prestigious running resume that includes age-graded world records and being named USATF Masters Athlete of the Year (2017).


Sabra’s time: 21:17. And she’s just a few weeks shy of her 70th birthday. She didn’t start running until she was in her 50s. See our story about Sabra in our blog: Just as inspiring.


depotpark_20190209_gonzalez family_web


The Gonzalez family volunteered as tail walkers at Depot Park parkrun this weekend. We are so glad that they discovered parkrun:


“Our family enjoys being a part of parkrun! We are a part of an organization that encourages fitness across the world. As a family our overall health has improved. As parents; it is exciting to see our family transforming. We are becoming more active and healthier. We have each accomplished our 10th parkrun and are looking forward to many, many more!”


mountaingoattrail_20190209_luna and lindsay_web


We love it when new parkrunners join our community and the same is true for barkrunners. Luna the puppy might not have managed the full distance this week, but we know that she’ll be ready after a little more training. Hopefully, we’ll see you back at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun again soon, Luna & Lindsay.


anacostia_20190209_rhonda first parkrun_web


At Anacostia parkrun, Rhonda was celebrating after completing her first parkrun, too. Next week, same time, same place?


southbouldercreek_20190209_group shot_web


Fifteen runners braved the cold this weekend at South Boulder Creek parkrun, including a visitor from the UK and a small group of regulars. Thanks to everyone who ran, walked or volunteered!


crissyfield_20190209_mini token volunteer_web


We love it when high-viz heroes start young. Great work at Crissy Field parkrun this weekend.


collegepark_20190209_walking crew_web


These parkrunners were stars at College Park parkrun. Lucy (in red) is a long-time Prince George’s Running Club member, but since developing balance issues, walking is just the right pace. Her friend Laurie ran the 5k then headed back to join her. Yancira was marshal at the chilly turnaround, and tailwalker Misha went above and beyond to make everybody feel welcome.


fletcherscove_20190209_run briefing_web


Fletcher’s Cove parkrun played host to a big group of high school cross country athletes this weekend. But the real stars were Isaac and Evan, who both earned their junior parkrunner 10 shirts.


terryhershey_20190209_mom and mini hero_web


We spotted another high vis hero in training at Terry Hershey parkrun in Houston, TX.




Most parkruns head indoors to get coffee after their parkrun, but not at Aspen parkrun. A local business, Limelight Hotel Aspen, donates coffee every week for the parkrunners to enjoy.


eagan_20190209_group shot_web


It was very COLD at Eagan parkrun. 12 hearty souls made it around, though, including Steve C. completing his 50th parkrun and Lee G., who was over from England. Lee visited Himmel parkrun last weekend and is hoping Renton parkrun will be back in action for next week.


heritageharbor_20190209_iced over trail_web


A little further south, they wisely canceled this week at Heritage Harbor parkrun. With that ice, it would quickly have turned into a parkswim (with icebergs), rather than a parkrun.


renton_20190209_bridge in snow_web


Meanwhile, in Washington State, Renton parkrun (and Des Moines Creek parkrun) had to cancel because of a major snow storm. But, the trail does look beautiful.


joecreason_20190209_happy runners_web


No snow in sight at Joe Creason parkrun, just happy faces on the 22 runners & volunteers.


kensington_20190209_getting scanned_web


This is Stewart, completing his tour of the 5 Washington DC parkruns at Kensington parkrun. Stewart discovered parkrun in November, and is already on his 12th run, has visited 5 locations, and has improved his PB by 4 minutes. He has even arranged a Couch to 5K program for his work colleagues, which will culminate in a parkrun.


livonia_20190209_150th parkrun_web


Steve & Tim both completed their 150th parkruns this weekend Livonia parkrun. They were joined by first time Run Director Emily, a blanket with legs, and a Wookie. Looks like fun to us.


mansfield_20190209_random the tailwagger_web


Random Hope & her mom were back in action at Mansfield OH parkrun this weekend. Did you have a chance to read Random’s barkrunner profile yet? (


charleston_20190209_bob and bridges_web


Bob completed his 10th parkrun this weekend at Charleston WV parkrun. And it looks like he was enjoying every moment in the sunshine.




It was pacing weekend at Jamaica Pond parkrun, which might be part of the reason for a bumper crop of personal best times. Either that or they were giving flying lessons….


leakinpark_20190209_iman and daughter_web


Iman has already earned his 50 shirt, but his daughter is already halfway to her own milestone. Congratulations, Aidyn, on your 5th parkrun.


lillie_20190209_lake trail_web


Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor has been experimenting with winter courses that will be safe from ice and snow. We’re glad that the winter course is still scenic, with great views of the lake.


runpensacola_20190209_see you next week_web


When Eden heard that a parkrun was opening at her alma mater, the University of West Florida, she (and Foxy the barkrunner) decided to drive 19 hours to volunteer at their inaugural…complete with flamingo headgear!


See you next week, from Rec Plex North parkrun!
(Photo courtesy of the Pensacola News Journal, which has a great gallery of photos from the event




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