News - 27th February 2019

Jansku – A very special runner


Jansku is a very severely disabled man and finding a hobby or learning to communicate have been almost impossible for him. Around 5 years ago Jansku, with the support of close relatives, got an eye-gaze computer so he could start practicing communicating. Jansku was interested in the computer and slowly but surely started to find a way to express his opinions. In the beginning it was very difficult, because for more than 30 years someone else had always decided everything for him.




In one therapy session the speech therapist made a page about different hobbies and Jansku explained many times that he is interested in hobbies. When parkrun landed in Tampere, Finland in late 2017, Jansku and his mother Tuire came along already for the first test event. Jansku, who loves speed, really enjoyed himself! For that occasion they rented a special wheelchair for running and it was much faster that Jansku’s regular wheelchair. Six months passed before he got his own running wheelchair, and for that half a year Jansku and Tuire travelled and struggled with the everyday wheelchair in all kinds of weather conditions. The Finnish winter can be unforgiving.




When his own running wheelchair became familiar, Jansku started to message that he would like to go faster. “Mummy goes slowly and it’s boring.” Because Jansku and Tuire are regular parkrunners, they had gotten to know other runners and walkers. The speech therapist sent a message to the parkrun group that Jansku would love to go faster and asked if there were any people who would like to run with him? Now several people have dared to take a turn pushing the running wheelchair and there has been a whole lot of speed since then. With his computer Jansku has sent the message that he is happy!


However you cover the course, the parkrun community is there to support you … at whatever speed works for you.


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