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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 23rd 2019


So much to celebrate this week starting with a record number of volunteers, record number of returnees, 50th event for both Kensington and Jamaica Pond parkruns, and a happy birthday to South Boulder Creek parkrun. Snow or rain or bright sunshine we look forward to doing it all again next week.




It was a sunny winter wonderland in the Front Range as they celebrated the first birthday of South Boulder Creek parkrun.




Attendance record this week at Anacostia parkrun… for the post-parkrun coffee at Hype Cafe. #priorities




More finishers than ever this week at Des Moines Creek parkrun, thanks in part to a delegation of ‘refugees’ from Renton parkrun. Ice on their trail led to a 3rd consecutive cancellation, but a great opportunity to visit friends at their neighbor parkrun.




Wes and Reagan had great fun running the final stretch of the snowy trail at Mansfield OH parkrun. More and more in the community are coming along every week, and other Ohio communities are looking to get in on the fun.




At College Park parkrun Sheilah didn’t realize that it was her 50th parkrun, so she was quite surprised when she was called up to wear the red sash.




At Fletcher’s Cove parkrun Susan celebrated her 100th parkrun by flying around the course with a black cape trailing behind her. It must have helped, as she was just one second shy of her PB.




Happy 50th event to Kensington parkrun! And Chris did a great job for his first time as run director.




Also celebrating their 50th event this week was Jamaica Pond parkrun. This week they had another of their “pacer days”, this time with odd-numbered minutes as the pace groups. These must be popular, as they saw one of their largest ever turnouts, despite the icy pond.




Boston City Councilman Matt O’Malley sometimes offers Office Hours on the Run for his constituents. This week’s venue: Jamaica Pond parkrun! That’s clearly where to find the community on a Saturday morning.




Don Theodore of Livonia parkrun is one of the handful of Americans to have completed over 200 parkruns. To add to that, he has now volunteered on 100 parkrun days.




The masters ladies are on fire at parkrun this month. At Crissy Field parkrun Nancy Simmons set a new age-adjusted course record for the event, by running 91.4% of word-record pace for her age. Impressive!




It’s not often that it snows in Tucson, AZ, but a rare snowfall on the previous day previous treated Himmel parkrun participants to snow capped mountains in the distance.




The snow is par for the course at Aspen parkrun, where the regulars are really enjoying the new course with well plowed trails.




Thanks to all the volunteers who keep parkrunners safe on Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor’s backup course. They’re hoping that the ice will recede enough that they can return to their regular course next week.




3” of fresh snow fell on top of a record 30” this month in the Twin Cities – so far! But that didn’t stop first timer Joe from pushing a stroller around the course at Eagan parkrun.




It was a soggy/rainy morning but that didn’t stop these hardy parkrunners from coming out and completing the course at Durham, NC parkrun.




Never mind the torrential downpour this week, Chuck is pretty happy to be able to run at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun. Chuck completed 78 parkruns while living in the UK a few years ago. Now he’s a regular at Tennessee’s first parkrun (more coming!), and he’s rapidly closing in on his 100th parkrun.




It was also pretty wet this week at Deep Run parkrun. So drying out and spending time with friends afterwards was doubly welcome.




It was pretty wet this week at Charleston WV parkrun, but for barkrunners like this one that is just one more reason to get outside and have fun.




Soupy mist for week 3 of ‘Rec Plex North parkrunin Pensacola, FL. But there was still a big crowd on hand to hear the run briefing at 7:20am.




Moberly parkrun was happy with the thaw that allowed them to go ahead.




No hint of rain or snow at Clermont parkrun, where it was a perfect morning for a family walk.




More and more families are learning about the fun to be had at Des Moines Creek parkrun. Instead of watching your kids doing sports on a Saturday morning, parkrun allows the whole family to take part.




Luther heard about Fletcher’s Cove parkrun and signed his family up. But then he found out that College Park parkrun is even closer to home, so they took their barcodes there instead. They enjoyed discovering the parkrun and the post-parkrun community brunch.




In Baltimore the second annual Princess Day parkrun, hosted by the local chapter of Moms Run This Town, brought out one of the largest crowds yet to Leakin Park parkrun, despite the chilly morning.




The Princess Day parkrun also drew in some parkrun royalty from Roosevelt Island parkrun.




Livonia parkrun welcomed 8 first timers to their parkrun family.




At Crissy Field parkrun Danica finished her 61st parkrun in lock step with first-time parkrunner Eric. Over 250 did their first ever US parkrun this weekend.




The grey morning is a whole lot brighter when you’re walking with a friend at Joe Creason parkrun.




Enjoying breakfast and getting this weeks results sorted at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun.




Bernie can normally be found at Terry Hershey parkrun in Houston on a Saturday these days. But this week he joined a meetup with one of the teams that’s working to bring parkrun to a new US community. Any guesses on the location?


Would you like a free, weekly parkrun event for your community? Drop us a line if you’re interested, and we can help you to build a local team and make it happen.




See you next week!


From Himmel parkrun in snowy (!) Tucson, Arizona.






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