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Our parkrun week in pictures, March 9th 2019


One of the things that we love most about parkrun is how it brings all kinds of families together. Some of our families are biological, some of them are chosen, but however you define your family, we’re so glad that you’re part of ours, here at parkrun USA. This week, we found some wonderful (and sometimes hilarious) photos that celebrate all kinds of parkrun families.


charlestonwv_20190309_3 generations of Copes_web


At Charleston WV parkrun, three generations of the Cope family were completing their parkrun. For the record, Grandfather Luther had the best age grade score AND has completed the most parkruns!


desmoinescreek_dave's 75th with family_web


First Timer Dave celebrated his 75th birthday (and set a new age group course record) at Des Moines Creek parkrun this weekend. His birthday wish was to have all of his children and grandchildren do a 5K together, so they all came to parkrun dressed for the occasion. We cannot think of a better birthday present and happy birthday, Dave!


leakinpark_20190309_caleb & etosha_web


Some mother-son fun as Caleb finished his 15th run and Etosha her 10th at Leakin Park parkrun. It looks like it was a beautiful day to celebrating running together.


rooseveltisland_20190309_michelle's 50th & mom_web


A little further south, Michelle was celebrating her 50th parkrun with her mom and her parkrun family at Roosevelt Island parkrun. Even more fun, Michelle brought along photos for everyone to wear of things that are 50 years old. The big favorites? Ziplock baggies, bean bag chairs, and Daniel Craig.




Clermont parkrun is a great way to spend time with family, even if one person is doing most of the work.


delawareandraritancanal_20190309_finish line_web


Some families like to volunteer together, like Rob, Mike, Emilia, and Barbara, the finish line crew at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun. We think that’s pretty awesome.


lillie_20190309_family photo_web


The Yun family of Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor likes to do both: we spotted them both in the parkrun results and on the volunteer roster. (And congrats on your PB, Torsten!)


renton_20190309_kortney selfie_web


Not all families are biological. Some are made up of the friends that you find along the way, especially at parkrun. 


Renton parkrun said farewell this week to one of their family, Event Director Kortney, who worked tirelessly for years to bring parkrun to Renton, mentored the team who set up Des Moines Creek, and continues to work with other prospective parkrun teams throughout the Pacific Northwest. She’s off on an amazing adventure, hiking the Pacific Coast Trail, but will be sorely missed by her parkrun family. Happy trails, Kortney.


crissyfield_20190309_muddy legs_web


Sometimes, we go to parkrun to make new friends. Often, we realize that we have more in common than we thought…. Crissy Field parkrun


terryhershey_20190309_volunteer photo_web


…like that we are really ridiculously good looking in high vis? Terry Hershey parkrun


collegepark_20190309_volunteer crew_web


It looks like this bunch of high vis heroes at College Park parkrun is realizing the same thing! Either that or that the only thing better than a parkrun is a parkrun with a barkrunner to pet.


charlestonwv_20190309_training results processors_web


parkrun can also be a great place to learn new skills, like how to upload results. Jamie, Co-Event Director of Charleston WV parkrun, wowed the post-parkrun-coffee crowd with his parkrun data processing prowess. The team is steadily building up the skillset of volunteers to ensure everyone can help out.


jamaicapond_20190309_drilling in the start sign_web


Another new parkrun skill: how to put out the start sign when the ground is frozen solid. Is Jamaica Pond parkrun the only place with power tools in their kit bag?




Meanwhile, at Kensington parkrun, representatives from a local gym came out to teach everyone about warming up properly. The routine got rave reviews from all of the parkrunners.


kensington_20190309_Henry giving shade_web


Well, almost all of the parkrunners…. Kensington parkrun


crissyfield_20190309_running with umbrella_web


We also learned that there really are ways to stay dry while completing Crissy Field parkrun in the pouring rain, although we’d like more information on whether this technique is aerodynamically sound.


livonia_20190309_welcome mike_web


Mike learned something new this weekend at Livonia parkrun. He’s new to the neighborhood, but had noticed that something special seemed to be taking place every Saturday morning. This week, he decided to walk across his front lawn and check it out (that’s his house to the right). Can anyone else claim an easier parkrun commute?


jamaicapond_20190309_happy tailwalkers_web


It’s always awesome when you realize that walking with a friend at Jamaica Pond parkrun is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning.




What’s better than doing your parkrun with a friend? Doing it with three friends! Right, Clermont parkrun?


eagan_20190309_parkrunners in snow_web


…or that a little snow is no reason to stay home in bed and skip your run or walk at Eagan parkrun.


mountaingoattrail_20190309_michele the pig racer_web


Michele learned that a pig can turn a tough day at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun into a fantastic story:


“Part of our route is paralleled by a field that sometimes features livestock. Today was the first time I have seen a pig in it. Big pig, squealing loudly and running along the fence line across a little creek from the trail, going the same direction I was. The annoying thing was the pig overtook and passed me! Not good for morale! I’m glad ED Kristin pointed out that the pig is a sprinter and not a long distance runner.”


deeprun_20190309_finish line volunteers_web


This week, Deep Run parkrun welcomed a new Co-Event Director, Greg, who was also at the helm as Run Director. And three first-timers learned all about the parkrun community in Richmond, Virginia.


southbouldercreek_20190309_runners in the distance_web


Over at South Boulder Creek parkrun, the hearty parkrunners who came out took the chance to remember that being outside is one of the best things for your health, both physical and mental.


renton_20190309_yun pb bell lynn RD_web


And, sometimes, we learn that we’re capable of more than we thought, like Yun who completed her first parkrun at Renton parkrun…


collegepark_20190309_Rebecca PB bell_web


….Or take NINE MINUTES off of our PBs, with the love and unconditional support of our parkrun family. Congratulations, Rebecca, from College Park parkrun and all of us at parkrun USA! 


collegepark_20190309_see you next week_web


But one thing is for sure: we never do it alone.


See you next week.






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